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November 9, 2016
Marble… The Jewel of the…. Kitchen!

Wood and granite are all good… but… one of my most favorite materials in the kitchen is marble…

For those of you who were lucky enough to be raised in a home that had marble in the kitchen, like myself, will understand how much it adds to a kitchen! White, beautiful and it smelled so wonderful when it was scrubbed clean…

Marble is alive! It’s a different sort of material. It has a history, many aspects, various faces and colors that can “dress” up your kitchen or bathroom for many, many years.

One of the greatest advantages of marble is that it is cold…

And you may be asking… “Akis, is that a good thing?”

It’s a very good thing because when the time comes to roll out some phyllo dough, to make puff pastry, to spread chocolate, to make candy… marble is THE best material to use! It is what will help you make all of these things perfectly!

So even if you can’t have a whole countertop made with marble… if you don’t want to make such a large and expensive investment, you can just use a large piece of marble and place it over your countertop. It will work perfectly when you want to prepare any of the above recipes!

Lately people have been using marble to make beautiful kitchen accessories for serving. I found it a great idea and I believe it will really take off in the future… They are exceptionally beautiful, strong, sturdy and unique. They adorn every home and every dinner table…

I recently had a photoshoot done for my new book and I went to a company called “New Marble S.A - P. Pnevmatikos – Industry of Marble and Granite to look for some marble surfaces for the photoshoot. There was a book there that caught my eye called “Marbellous” and I was really blown away!

It was the first time I saw dishes, trays and serving platters that were made out of marble. It’s amazing what new creations are made the ideas people can come up with….

New technologies, lasers, etc. that can add so much interest and a new shape and dimensions to materials that are we are accustomed to seeing in one certain way. It really makes it interesting to see them in a whole new light!

Greeks and marble go way back! Many centuries back and I’m happy to see that we are still leading the way in such an avant guard fashion with such an old material that it is almost magical…

On my way to find one thing, it led me down a path to finding such a completely new and wonderful idea!

I’m looking forward to seeing all of your pictures so send them in!


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