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December 3, 2014

Post your recipe! Collect the most ratings! Win BIG GIFTS!!!

I’ll be EXPECTING your RECIPES!! Starting from today, December 3rd 2014, and ending on December 22nd 2014.

Put on your aprons….!  Create your BEST DISH….!  POST IT….!

Don’t forget:  Share your recipe on any social media so you can get more ratings!

It’s not important that you post a lot of recipes. Post ONE… your BEST RECIPE! The winner will be chosen by the ratings he or she will receive from everyone.

The recipes will be uploaded after consideration, and assuming they comply with all the rules, you will then be able to see them at “members recipes”.

Take care with the recipe instructions, ingredients and of course, the photo-shoot!!!

When the contest is done, the 10 recipes with the highest ratings during the contest period, will be awarded my new cookbook and Kenwood kitchen appliances.


Prizes in detail:


10 Cookbooks “Now this… you have to taste”

2 Kenwood Multi-5 kMix RED

1 Food Processor  CLASSIC CHEF

The names of the winners will be announced on the website on the final day of the contest, which will be on December 22nd 2014 at 1.00 pm. 

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