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June 14, 2016
Mezze on the balcony....

Mezze are an assortment of appetizers that are best enjoyed… well… anywhere! You don’t need to have a balcony…. all you need is a nice group of friends… chilled drinks and lots of topics for discussion!

I usually choose classic, much loved flavors and tastes that go well with almost any kind of drinks and of course a cool summer mood.

Everything is much more simple during the summer, so the foods that we choose have to be quite simple. If you want to add an extra touch, there are of course solutions for that also but things should be a little laid back… without too much trouble and without too much money.

I’ve put together some recipes with meat, which I’m quite sure will satisfy even the most difficult guests!


Club Sandwich


Salt Marinated Pancetta


Baked Spicy Chicken Meat Balls


Satay Chicken with Peanut Sauce


Hot Dogs


Pizza Bread


Authentic Italian Pizza


Pork Gyro with Tzatziki Sauce


Country Sausage and Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms




A great salad to add to this assortment of mezze is a Quinoa Salad… or a refreshing Cretan Dakos salad for a little Mediterranean flavor! Don’t forget that everyone loves homemade Fries, so have some ready!






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