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February 15, 2017
An email from the non profit organization Boroume

Yesterday I received an email which is hard for me to even express how happy it made me! The only way to share my sentiments with you is through the email i received!

Before I share it with you I would like to tell you that 3 years ago, before Kitchen Lab started working with the non-profit organization Boroume which means “We can”. Our goal is simple. Not one portion of food goes to waste. We test many recipes on a daily basis at Kitchen Lab and naturally all of the foods prepared could not go to waste. So every day at around noon, when we are done with all of the recipe testing, we package the foods prepared and offer them to “Boroume”.

The truth is that I had never thought of how many portions of food we had donated in total but I was always sure that it went to all of those who really needed it.  

" Dear Mr. Petretzikis,

With this letter we would like to express our warmest thanks for your collaboration with us this past year.

We would like to thank you from our hearts for your donations and your very important and substantial contribution in our mission whose goal is that “No portion of food goes to waste!” We would not have been able to bring our work to fruition and offer substantial support to charitable organizations all over Greece without your collaboration and contribution.

According to our data and our way of calculating food at Boroume, your total contribution to charitable institutions and fellow citizens that are in dire need are:

2339 portions of food

We aspire that our collaboration will continue in 2017 and together we can offer even more support to even more charitable institutions and beneficiaries who need everyone’s help.

With our warmest wishes, the Boroume team.”

Upon reading this letter I could hardly believe it myself! 2339 portions of food in one year where contributed by Kitchen Lab with the help of Boroume to all of those who are in need.

The sentiment is truly very touching.. the feeling of giving. Not only from the standpoint that we offered some portions of food but from the standpoint that you are offering to the community as a whole… We all become a big family and fight against the problems of all of the people.

I in turn would like to thank Boroume and carry one.. because if we are all willing.. we all can… “Boroume”.

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