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July 30, 2015
A Special Day with Kids!

In today’s diary, I want to share a very special day with you.

Last week I had the honor of going to the “DIMITREIO” Children’s Creative Center (KDAP) a part of the “Mission”.



One of the main goals of the “Mission” is to provide assistance and support to vulnerable families and children.

They provide after school programs, so parents and guardians can ensure that their children have a safe and creative environment to spend time in after their school day.

The work being done here is truly amazing. The love and care the children are provided with was so apparent and overflowing that they made me feel the same way!

The premises are very well organized and decorated in a very nice, fun and friendly way for the kids! Walls and chairs painted in lovely, happy colors for kids!






The question I asked myself was.. “How can I bring some more joy to these children?”

And my answer was… of course… “By making tasty chocolate truffles with them!”





When my team and I arrived, I saw some little chefs, wearing their little chef hats and sitting quietly in the yard waiting for us! Everything was all set up so they can start cooking with me! They got up one at a time and made their own chocolates!




After making a variety of multi colored chocolate truffles, the kids had a surprise for me! They sang their favorite songs to me and gave me drawings and presents with their names on them and I hung all the presents up over my desk!





And that was how my visit ended. Apart from considering an honor I also consider myself very lucky to have had such an opportunity to spend time with such wonderful kids. This visit filled me with a much more positive outlook on life. Children’s warm smiles can only touch your heart and fill you with positive thoughts, energy and hope.




I will never forget all of the hugs and love they gave me so freely.

Unfortunately, the fast pace and problems of daily life doesn’t always allow us to enjoy things that are have true value. Often we forget, though unintentionally, we forget the basic values of life. The love and unity we should feel for the people around us.

It really made me very happy to be surrounded by these children because they reminded me the real meaning of the word hope! I wish them all the best in their lives and I would like to use the medium of this diary as a chance to remind you all that a unifying act can be much easier and much more rewarding than we may think!  


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