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August 4, 2015
A walk through the Farmer’s Market!

Good Morning!
I absolutely love going to the Farmer’s Market! It’s one of my favorite things! Especially early in the morning when the people there are still setting up their stations… drinking coffee…and joking around with one another. Their produce is so fresh it still has morning dew on them!

Each Farmer’s Market is different, but my favorite ones in Greece are the ones in Vrilissia since it is held on a very wide street with enough room around each station…

I was there on Friday and took pictures of all the things that spiked my interest… I’d like to share them with you…

Of course the classic produce was there… like tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplants etc. Summer is well on its way here so all of these vegetables were in abundance. The tomatoes and bell peppers were not only from the greenhouses but grown in the garden and they smelled absolutely amazing! Try them in this recipe for Tomato Stuffed Burgers!


Tender zucchini along with their blossoms! They are perfect for filling but also for making cakes like this amazing Walnut Zucchini Cake!


I saw beautiful cantaloupes from Argos that filled all of the sales benches but also the UFO peaches (or Saturn peaches) ! Super delicious peaches that are really worth trying..




Try making this Peach and Apricot Pie from my website with these types of peaches and you will thank me!! 

I saw the first fresh lemons... they are still quite sour but their amazing aroma is even more intense. 




Fresh corn to make this unique Tomato and Corn Pie


Substitute canned corn with the seeds from 2-3 large cobs of corn, add some nice fresh tomatoes and you won’t be able to get your fill of this taste!

I wanted to leave 3 products last. Products that I found to be quite interesting and you don’t come across them easily.

Purslane is one of them… A field weed with a lovely full, peppery taste. Perfect in a healthy Greek salad with fresh tomatoes… Just add the tender leaves.



Black Nightshade! Another weed that isn’t just for a witch’s cauldron! It belongs to the tomato and pepper family and is absolutely delicious boiled along with purple amaranth greens to make a warm salad…



And last but definitely not least… zucchini leaves! The tops of the zucchini plant with their flowers and maybe some small zucchini… Clean them thoroughly because they may have some plant fibers and make a delicious ragout along with potatoes!


That’s all for now…

I hope I got your appetite going with all of these nice and fresh products… Take a walk through your neighborhood Farmer’s Market and see what nice things they have!

More on my next visit!

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