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December 2, 2016
A stroll through the Farmers Market

It’s Friday!

The weekend is here!

Early this morning on my way to work, I took a walk through the farmers market which is in Kitchen Lab’s neighborhood! I like to go every week, early in the morning when it’s quiet and not so packed with people yet…

I don’t necessarily go to shop, even though today I bought some really tasty apples, fresh estragon and some mustard greens for my salad. Basically I like to go and see what new ingredients are out, what new vegetables and fruits are available… generally what’s fresh and tasty and inspiring!

With the holidays right around the corner, I need to be prepared to come up with new recipes for you for these special days…

I thought I would start off with flowers..

Chrysanthemums by the tons!! They are beautiful, quite inexpensive and can really add a lot of color to your home!

Mandarins!!! I came across the first mandarin’s of the year! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love mandarins and how many new recipes with mandarins I have for you!

White Chocolate Mandarin Truffles

Cereal Cheesecake

Nicer oranges are just starting to come out and even though the cold weather may not be so great for us but it makes oranges sweeter! They are a little bit sour just yet, but pretty soon…. super juicy and sweet!

Some of my favorite recipes with oranges also happen to be fit for fasting: 

Orange Spice Marmalade

Semolina Orange Cake - Halvah

Quinces… Their aroma is amazing! Do me a favor… buy 2 quinces… put them in a bowl right by your front door for a few days. You won’t believe how nice the smell you meet will be as soon as you walk in! Try this quick little recipe with quinces! Simply cut the quinces into 8 pieces, remove the seeds and put them in a baking pan with some mavrodaphne or port and sugar. Cover the baking pan with aluminum foil and bake them in the oven for 2 hours at 180* C (350* F). You will thank me!

Add a couple of Pomegranates to the same bowl. Beautiful in appearance… sweet in taste… and full of nutrients to give you energy! You can add pomegranate seeds to your salads and roasts.

Persimmons... there are 2 varieties… the ones that can be eaten when hard and the ones that have to soften before consumed or else they are astringent and quite unpalatable.

Today I came across the second variety… I think they still need to ripen for a few more days!!!

Walnuts and Chestnuts… amazing! Sitting at home in the evenings… roasting chestnuts in the fireplace…. or cracking walnuts with a little hammer or nutcracker… and serving them with fruit! What could be better? 

I have some great recipes for energy bars for you…

Walnut Raisin Bars

I also saw some really great olives. You can make Greek “crushed olives” where the olives are coarsely crushed open and stored in an olive oil-lemon-herb mixture. You can also pickle them.

There is a particular variety of apples called "Firiki" that make a wonderful spoon sweet! 

I found so many fresh vegetables like carrots and beetroots… different colored broccoli.. celery roots and nice mustard greens that I mentioned were for my salad!

I hope to go again with my bike right before the holidays and let you know what new ingredients are available!

Have a great weekend and make sure you visit your local farmers market for fresh goodies!

It can even be psychotherapeutic!

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