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November 30, 2017
One kind of cookie dough for 5 different kinds of cookies! It’s so simple…

Cookies for school.. For friends and family.. To use as Christmas ornaments in your home.. To munch on while lying down on the couch or to dip into mugs full of hot chocolate…

Cookies smell like Christmas! They are synonymous to winter! But best of all, is that I have the perfect recipe for you, along with a smart way for you to create all these different kinds of cookies, with just ONE cookie dough! A cookie dough that you can embellish with various secondary ingredients to create not one, not two, but FIVE different kinds of cookies! Find the recipe here, along with the… COOKIES!!!         

The secret is in the base (meaning your cookie dough) which, thanks to its wonderful “timid” flavor can make a wonderful “canvas” that can hold special extra tastes! Make a huge batch of it (don’t be stingy!) and store it in the freezer until you need it. (You can store it in the freezer for about 2-3 months, unless of course you want to use it immediately.) When you want to use it, simply take it out of the freezer, add all of your magical ingredients and… voilà!!! 

What are these magical added ingredients that have the power to make a difference? The truth is that they are many…

  • Some granulated sugar on the surface of the cookies can be stabilized with some egg white. At this point it is good to mention glitter… Obviously not the kind of glitter that is used for crafts.. but the one that is used for cooking… edible glitter! It is safe to eat even though I can understand if you are weary of using it.
  • Dried fruit and nuts can add even more sweetness to your cookies and make them even crunchier - especially if you have made sure to caramelize the nuts first ;-) Good idea huh??? I have a great recipe that will be interesting for you, so you can see how to caramelize your nuts! Chocolate cream tart with caramelized almonds. If you have a little time, make the tart as well! Just double the amount of almonds so you can add them to your cookies!
  • Some citrus zest (ex. orange, lime, mandarin or lemon) and some herbs (ex. lavender) can also help you instantly transform your cookies!
  • Spices are another ace up your sleeve! You can use them to your dough when making the cookies. How? Roll out the dough and sprinkle them all over the surface. Roll out the dough again to incorporate the spices in the dough and then cut out your cookies using a cookie cutter or the rim of a glass.
  • Chocolate!!! I left this one for last but I know that it was the first ingredient you thought of! Chocolate drops, sprinkles (classic or multi colored) even chocolate syrup to coat the cookies. Chocolate can really boost the taste of even the blandest most “colorless” boring cookie!

PS: How about some sandwich cookies? Couple up the cookies and keep them together with some homemade Hazlenut chocolate praline spread, creating the most wonderful, crunchy, chocolatey, nutty sandwich cookies!!!



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