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June 25, 2019
Homemade and tasty meals in no time!

My love for cooking and for tasty, homemade food made me become a professional cook. My first concern was to be able to create a website in which I would upload (after several tests) my every successful recipe. My goal was to show everyone that…you are not born a cook, you can become one! And that is what happened. Now, at you can find thousands of recipes, choose your favorites, and get in the kitchen to create your own homemade meal, snack, or dessert.

But what happens with people who do not have the time needed in order to cook a delicious and quality homemade meal? AB Vassilopoulos helped me answer that since they trusted me to create a range of tasty ready meals for every time of day. Through this campaign, their goal was to offer the best meals to all the people who trust AB Vassilopoulos for 80 years now. So, this was our common ground; our love for good food and our pleasure to offer the best!

I admit that creating an original recipe that would preserve its tastiness even when it would have to be made for thousands of people all around Greece, was our biggest bet. Our team’s experience, ΑΒ’s expertise, and the best raw materials helped us win this bet and adjust homemade, original recipes to the ready meals that you can find in AB stores, by keeping all of their flavors! Pure ingredients, fresh herbs, and extra virgin olive oil gave taste to our dishes as well as the homemade element that we are all looking for.

So, in that way, the new ready meals “ΑΒ You’ll Love” were created, bearing my signature and quality guaranteed by AB. Their secret (apart from everything that I mentioned above)? If we enjoy them at home, it’s like we’ve cooked them right this moment. If we eat them at the office or anywhere else, a bite is enough to transfer us directly to the…table of our house!

So? What are we going to eat today?

I’m so glad that I can answer “Whatever you are craving for”! The recipes are numerous and they are all made with pure ingredients and endless tastiness! In the menu, there are options for everyone and for all tastes. But, above everything else, the ready meals “ΑΒ You’ll Love”, have been designed according to flavors that we all love. What does that mean? That apart from some all-time favorite meals (like e.g. pastitsio, moussaka, or pasta in every version), there are also some olive oil-based dishes that are important like spinach rice, green beans, and peas. Some more…traditional Greek dishes? Yuvarlakia, papoutsakia, soutzoukakia, meatballs in sauce, beef and orzo stew, and many more. Moreover, there are snacks, salads, and desserts too! Because they are all part of our lives. Some are based on Greek traditional, Mediterranean cooking, while others are inspired by international cuisines. However, whichever you choose, it will be like you have just prepared it in your kitchen!

And -like that- we take ready meals to the next level. Where they deserve to be! I’m sure that some of them will become your favorite! I can’t wait to read your comments :-)



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