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December 9, 2016
Spiros Soulis designed one of the Largest Units for Assisted Reproduction in Europe

The architectural firm Spiros Soulis – The Design Studio whose primary goal is to offer high quality, while at the same time keeping in mind the particular needs of innovative breeding units, that were designed and brought to fruition for the Institute of Life. The Institute of Life is one of the largest Assisted Reproduction Units in Europe which is within the premises of the leading Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics in Greece – IASO.  

It is notable to mention that it was not only the creation of the institute that is of value but also the reason why it was created. The hope the institute can offer to thousands of couples that live among us. It has offered this hope upon the earliest days of opening of its doors and this is something that cannot compare to anything material and tangible.

Bringing a new child into the world is considered a great joy. To have the ability to offer this joy to couples that face great difficulties in achieving this is the utmost success of this amazing science.

The creation of the Institute of Life Assisted Reproduction Unit was brought to fruition due to the vision of the top 10 Greek scientists in this field. They are Panagioti Psathas, John Basilopoulos, John Zervomanolaki, Constantine Kostaras, Panagioti Polizos, Nikolas Vlahos, Stiliano Grigorakis, George Condopoulos, Thomas Prokopakis, Evangelo Dedoulis and Constantine Dimitropoulos. It was based on their common will and striving for innovation with the use of the best practices and methods in order to establish the Institute of Life as the Center of Excellence not only in Europe but throughout the world.

The Institute of Life is the first Assisted Reproduction Unit in Greece which bears the Certificate of «Temos international» for the quality of their facilities, services and human resources. The «Temos» certification system is the only Medical Services Certification in the world which focuses on the management of International Patients and Medical Tourism.

The Institute of Life facilities were designed based on the philosophy of creating a warm and livable space. Using earth tones, only natural and organic materials in combination with wonderful lighting really bring the space to life. The primary goal was to create the ultimate feeling of hospitality and comfort between the patients and the medical personnel there. 

The basic structure of the design wanted to accentuate the relationship of trust between the patients and the personnel as well as the sense of peace and tranquility that is more so brought out in relaxation areas. The friendly feel of the installation designs leans more towards a luxurious hotel unit than to a cold hospital ward.

The same architectural design was used to create a wonderful reception area and common area using linear, dynamic shapes with a basic character of permeability using wood and transparent materials with various techniques.

The individual offices and examination rooms at the reproductive center that were designed and  put together solely by Spiros Soulis – The Design Studio, offer a warm and comfortable environment for everyone. The discreetness and understanding of the various needs as well as the security offered by the medical staff of the Institute of Life could not have been brought out in the design any differently than it actually did.

The creation of such a wonderful project can only fill the souls of the designers with joy since through this particular work, so many couples in Greece and abroad have been given the chance to live their own personal experience for an inextinguishable hope of love.


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