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September 11, 2015
The King of Fruit - The Grape

As summer is slowly coming to an end and fall is making an entrance, I wanted to welcome this much loved fruit by sharing some recipes with grapes and also some of the lovely syrups or grape must that are made from grapes.

Autumn is grape season!  We pick them in August and September when the harvest ends.

Greece is one of the countries whose mild climate is ideal for growing grapes and they are produced in abundance. Greek grapes are considered especially delicious and of a very high quality as far as taste and aroma. They are also produced in a wide variety of colors… black, white, red or pink.



They are extremely beneficial to our health and beauty which makes them one of the most nutritious summer fruits.

The references of grapes and their beneficial properties can be seen throughout history. It is not by chance that we read of them in Homer’s epic poems and see them depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphics. They are also very important in the Greek Orthodox religion.


I’ve prepared the following recipes with a lot of enthusiasm and passion, to honor this special time for this royal fruit!

To start I’m sharing a quick recipe of pickled grapes that will only take up 20 minutes of your time to really impress your friends or children. The cinnamon and peppercorns are the ingredients that offer a very special aroma and are essential. The jar they are stored in is put together so nicely that it can make a beautiful appearance on your dinner table. 



Grape must pudding is a traditional Greek sweet that is made, as the name suggests, with grape must. Grape must is made from the grape’s juice, and the best time for it is during harvest. As you may realize, this is the best season to make this exceptional sweet, so get your pots and pans ready!



If you would like to create more sweets with your grape must pudding, I recommend this very unique way of making the traditional Turkish sweet delight roll or lokum.  All you need is grape must pudding and walnuts!



You can choose to make one or both of these extra delicious dishes. The first is with beef and the second with chicken. They are both light and inexpensive, with a lot of aromatics and share the same important ingredient.. grape molasses. It adds a sweet, rich touch to the sauce that complements the dish perfectly.




You will simply adore this recipe! This well-loved Italian bread Focaccia is beautifully combined with the aroma of rosemary and the sweet taste of grapes. What could be more delicious and for a quick autumn snack with a Mediterranean feel?



For an even sweeter taste, I’ve added 2 sweets that both young and old will just love! Grape molasses spice cake that is rich in spices like ginger, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg; and an upside down apple caramel cake… I think their names speak for themselves!




Do you have some leftover grapes that you don’t know what to do with? Now you do because I’m recommending these wonderful frozen sweet and sour grapes! In just 2 hours and with only 3 ingredients you will have the perfect sweet that will last all through winter to cure that sudden sweet tooth!



Last on the list… grape must cookies. They are very popular, traditional Greek cookies! They are usually made during harvest time, which is at the end of August and their basic ingredient is grape must. They can be found all year round only that grape molasses or petimezi is used to make them instead of fresh grape must. Both ways give you delicious, crispy, dark brown cookies full of cloves and cinnamon. They will surely impress you!



Take full advantage of the King of fruit and make these recipes or create your own for your family, friends or children. But be forewarned.. they will keep coming back for more!!


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