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January 3, 2019
My New Year’s resolutions :-)

Every year, I like setting goals during this season. Some are brand new. Some others are goals that I started fulfilling but haven’t been completed yet. Lastly, there are these goals that I didn’t manage to accomplish. I set them again as I believe that we shouldn’t give up anything. We have to work and try until we succeed in what we want. So, for the new year, I have many different things in mind, which -of course- have to do with food. With nutrition in general. But also, with fun too. Because food is joy -not only while I’m preparing it, but also while I’m enjoying it or sharing it with my loved ones!

So, 2019…

  • …I wish it brings me inspiration for even more recipes. Recipes made with pure, homemade ingredients which enclose all of nature’s freshness.
  • …I want to experiment with new raw materials, or find original (but tasty) uses for the existing ones.
  • …I hope that I’ll keep sharing with you, ways through which cooking becomes even more accessible and I hope to make even more people get in the kitchen. Young and old. The whole family! Because the kitchen is undoubtedly a meeting place as well as a place of endless creativity.
  • …I want to see our group getting even bigger and I want to be close to you even more – through my shows, my books and magazines, my YouTube channel, and my social media.
  • …and since I mentioned books, I want 2019 to bring me one more book. A book for which we’ll have to try a lot, until we get to hold it in our hands, but the result will be worth every moment that we’ll spend preparing it.
  • …I would like to find a little more time for myself. You know what? I know very well that I’m not going to do it. But, that’s ok. Because I do what I love, and I have people whom I love very much close to me.
  • Generally, I want to keep doing everything that I’m doing today and even more! Because goals should never end. Neither our imagination. So, I want to keep having the strength and willingness to get into new things and to make older ones better.

These are only a few of the things that come to my mind. In fact, they’re some of the most important – along with health, that I hope everyone has. Really, which are your wishes and resolutions for this year?

Have a wonderful, creative, delicious 2019 everyone!



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