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April 8, 2015
Dye Your Easter Eggs with Natural Dyes!

It’s time to dye your eggs again this year! Try something different! 

The custom of the Easter egg originated amongst the early Christians of Mesopotamia, who stained eggs red in memory of the precious blood of Christ, which was on the cross for the salvation of all men.

In Greece and for those who follow the Orthodox Christian traditons… Holy Thursday would be the day the eggs are dyed.

Part of this tradition is to have egg cracking “fights” on Holy Saturday and on Easter Sunday. Each person picks the “strongest” egg and they hit one against the other to see whose egg cracks! It symbolizes the resurrection of Christ, since the egg is the symbol of life. When you crack the shell of the egg, a new life is born!

The traditional color chosen to dye Easter eggs is red although more and more people choose to use a variety of different colors and patterns, or a combination of both!

There are so many different ways and techniques to dye eggs. I have chosen to show you 3 different techniques, using natural dyes! You can always dye them by buying dyes at the store… but why not try a more alternative and natural way that really gives such unbelievably vibrant colors! They are really quite impressive!

So! If you want to make yellowy-orange colored eggs, dye them with turmeric!





If you want a marble effect with a beautiful deep reddish-brown color, try dyeing them with layers of yellow onion! It might sound very strange but you will be happily surprised!




Now, if you would like to have patterns on your eggs, try making those patterns with leaves and flowers and red dye. Very carefully wrap each egg in a piece of stocking, tightly. You want the leaf or flower to stick on the egg securely. If it doesn’t, the dye will pass under the leaf or flower and you won’t get the desired effect.




Natural dyes may need a little more time but the result is well worth it! They are very artistic and it is a nice way to spend time with your children or family during the holidays, while creating something so beautiful together. Show off your hand made dyed eggs and create a stir! It is also a nice way to pass these types of techniques and quality time from generation to generation and make these special days even more meaningful!


Happy Easter Everyone!


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