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November 18, 2016
Press it with the peel on!

I saw a friend of mine doing this and I was amazed… He said he wanted to cook and the first thing he did was to take out a garlic press. I gave him a skeptical look and he quickly told me “Don’t worry, don’t worry Akis.. I know how to use it!”

I obviously didn’t doubt the capabilities of the garlic press.. but really.. a garlic press???? Whyyy??? that was the moment when I was really impressed…

He opens up the garlic press and places a clove of garlic in to it along with the PEEL! Yes! That’s right! He added a whole clove of garlic with the peel on… He closed the garlic press and starts to press… until the garlic started to come out of the press… all mashed up. And the result??? It was AMAZING!!!

When he opened up the garlic press, there was the peel, completely whole without a trace of garlic. All of the garlic had been mashed out without any little bits of garlic peel. So simple and so easy!

That moment really turned me around! I fell in love with the garlic press and have been using it all the time ever since. It saves me at least 1 minute and why not, since this way I can peel countless cloves of garlic in no time!! So bring it on people! Bring me as many cloves of garlic as you want and I will peel them for you!!!

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