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December 13, 2016
Off to the Theater!

I enjoy all sorts of artistic creativity and as cooking is considered a culinary art, you never know when and where you can be inspired to make something unique and special in the kitchen!

The other day a good friend of mine, Alexi Fouko, invited me to go see a play at the theater. He is an exceptionally talented individual who also happens to be my stylist and brings me all sorts of great clothes so I can look good on my TV show on my You Tube videos and even on a daily basis.

Apart from taking care of my personal styling, as well as many others, he is also a theatrical costume designer and has been in charge of many productions in many theaters in Greece.

He kept insisting that I go see a play with him because it was just right for me! When I asked him why, he said the play was called “La Cocinera” or “The Cook”. It is based on a true story that takes place in the Caribbean!!

“Ok!” I said “I love exotic places!”

I loved the play and also read up on the story. It takes place in Cuba and follows the life of a woman named Gladys over the span of 40 years, who is a cook in one of Havana’s bourgeois families.

The story begins the night before Fidel Castro’s revolution where the family Gladys works for decides to go abroad and makes Gladys take an oath to guard the house until they return…

Gladys keeps her oath even though it was a high price to pay for her. I won’t tell you any more so I don’t spoil any of the surprises in the play for those of you who want to go see it.. but I will tell you everything to do with the food prepared!

For those of you living in Greece, it is directed by Leonidas Papadopoulos and it is performed by Alexandra Paleologou, Bobby Hatzidakis and many more talented actors at the theater “Angelon Vima” directly behind the National Theater in Athens.

The recipe for Gladys’ roast Cuban chicken is an actual recipe that is made with orange juice and lime juice that the whole city of Havana loved!

I looked for the real recipe for you guys and found it! You can find it on my website and I really encourage you to try it because it is sensational!

I was surprised to find that the original recipe calls for oregano! I never thought that they have oregano in Cuba! I always thought it to be a herb that was more popular in Greece since that is actually where it originated. It was said to be given to the people by the goddess Aphrodite to make their lives happier. The actual meaning of the word is “joy of the mountain”! I guess the goddess wanted joy to spread all the way to Cuba!

We also took some nice shots of the scenery on stage and they did a great job at recreating the oven, pots and pans… the whole kitchen was very well made I must say! Congratulations Olga Deda!

I know it might be difficult to come to Greece to watch this play but it is very easy to make Gladys’ Cuban Chicken recipe… and delve into another country and another style of cooking… even if it does have oregano!

For those of you interested in visiting the theater you can find all of the info here.

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