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September 26, 2019
Which are the…smartest kitchen accessories?

Do not rush to answer. Take your time. Why? Because the answer is not as obvious as it seems. You see, today, I decided to talk to you about an incredibly simple topic which, yet, has the power to make a great difference not only in the way with which we organize and use our ingredients, but also in the way we can reduce food waste.

Yes! Today, we will talk about all these simple, everyday kitchen accessories which can help us save time and money, and which -at the same time- can make us more environmentally conscious! Attention, though! We are not going to talk about machines or composting (which is without a doubt a green solution for our kitchen and for managing the waste coming from it). We will not refer to hard-to-find tools or weird objects that we look at and try to figure out how they work. We will talk about SIMPLE, EVERYDAY, ACCESSIBLE, and INEXPENSIVE objects that all of us could have in our kitchen.

So, let’s start with a great truth: Most of the waste that a household produces comes from the kitchen. When our shelves and cupboards are equipped with some “smart” products, we can not only make our everyday life easier, but also reduce waste that…goes from our kitchen straight to the environment. Moreover, we manage to use our ingredients better, preserve them for longer, and fully take advantage of every raw material by minimizing wastage. So, what do you think? Shall we take a look at some of them?

> Reusable shopping bags. They can be used for our groceries, for separating or storing some of our foods (e.g. bread, breadsticks, even a snack), but also for organizing our kitchen’s small accessories. And the best part? We can buy them or even make them by using old, useless fabrics e.g. from clothes that are almost destroyed.

> Glass containers. Keep those that you may have, e.g. bottles or jars from jams and equip your kitchen with some more food storage containers. In them, you can store foods, make jams, spoon sweets and sauces, but also store your sugar, coffee, pasta or legumes.

> Kitchen towels. Towels and…dish cloths which will replace napkins and kitchen roll. Buy (or make) as many as you need and make sure to gather them at one place and wash them all together at the end of the week or every 15 days. 

> Kitchen funnel. Yes, yes. That’s right. A funnel is essential so that we can transfer liquids (e.g. oil) and solids (e.g. legumes, sugar) from their own packaging to the container in which we will store them with absolutely no loss. Smart, easy, and…cost-effective!

> Peeler and Mandoline slicer. It is amazing how accurately a peeler helps us peel our fruits and vegetables. Using it, you can be sure that you will discard just the peels and not even a little of your product. The mandoline slicer, on the other hand, helps us cut our ingredients accurately, easily and quickly, without any loss, and helps us create original recipes with them :-) Some of them?

> Dish brush: What is the reason for having to buy a new kitchen sponge all the time, when you can get a wooden dish brush and clean our plates with it? It is cleaner than a sponge, it lasts longer, and it is super effective and more environmentally friendly.


What do you think of all that? Aren’t they indeed simple, inexpensive, and accessible? All you have to do is see which ones you do not have in order to organize your own…green kitchen!



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