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March 8, 2015
What food would best suit your personality?

I was inspired by Woman’s Day and decided to write about 5 dynamic women who left their mark on history and also try to see if I could match each of their personalities with one of my recipes!

Over the years there have been many remarkable women who have stood out with their various achievements that have truly made a difference in this world.

These are some of the women that have left their stamp on history and have made significant contributions to the world by using their creative character, diverse talents, intelligence and dynamic temperament. These are some of the foods I feel match their personalities!

Let’s begin with Cleopatra. One of the most powerful women in the world and the last Queen of Ancient Egypt. Ambitious and strong, she, more than any other woman in antiquity was the embodiment of the femme fatale. What would match her personality better than Spiced Quince Sweet… It hides such a fine blend of aromas and tastes in its body, that each mouthful leaves you wanting more! Sweet and spicy! Exactly like this particular woman’s personality!




Melina Merkouri. Greek actress, politician and revolutionary. A personality that upon being born, immediately stood out in the crowd. Her voice, her passion for her ideas and her intense fighting spirit followed her everywhere. This is why, I believe, the only food that would match this fiery personality would have to be a Baked Alaska! I think the name speaks for itself! 



Marilyn Monroe could not be missing from this special list. The ultimate diva and according to many the ultimate WOMAN. A spicy and quite unique personality. Disarming but also very sweet and charming! In her case, I found the perfect match to be a Gingered Chocolate Viennois, that combines all of her qualities!



Diana, Princess of Wales. The first wife of Prince Charles, heir apparent of Queen Elizabeth II, became very famous as a wonderful personality and attracted the attention of the media on a worldwide basis. I believe the best match for her particular personality is a sweet that is loved by everyone in the world! And this could be none other than a Triple Chocolate Torte



Maria Callas. Her life was unmatched, amazing and unforgettable, just like herself.  She is the embodiment of the absolute DIVA! Her image and talent will forever remain carved in the best pages of world musical history. An intense sweet… the Oriental Pavlova… full of vivid, strong colors and tastes matches this personality to perfection!  



All of these women and many more will always be remembered. Each one for her own unique combination of qualities, special personality and accomplishments! NO two are alike! Their influence in our lives so great, that it remains strong even today. Let’s not forget…


“There is a woman at the beginning of each masterpiece…”

Honoré de Balzac

In honor of women… EVERYWHERE….!! 


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