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October 5, 2018
Which was the best burger of the 2018 Burger Fest?

I will tell you right away! Burger AP’s Classic Burger! This burger won over most of the 29.000 visitors who came by the biggest food festival of the city which took place at the Old Depot of OSY in Gazi a few days ago. All burger lovers were there! We were also there, and I honestly felt proud of all the members of my team! And if I keep in mind anything from these three wild days, that is the following: the result that a well-functioning team can bring, especially when it is accompanied by the people’s love!

What should I narrate first? The moment that we decided to take part in the festival and that everyone gathered together to think how Burger AP’s presence there could be organized in the best way possible? The moment when we got to the venue and put our stand together? The moment the queues started lining up? But also, the moment that I was looking at the people passing by and getting their burgers with excitement and without having to wait endless hours in line? Why didn’t they wait? Because there was good cooperation. Good mood! Because behind the stand, there were people that not only knew how to do their job well but also loved it. There were young people who truly dig what they do! And they give everything for that!

Lastly, I remember that moment when Tarik and Yiannis (the two managers of Burger AP) held in their hands the award for the best burger! An award that people do not hesitate to give us over and over again, even from the first year that Burger Ap opened! Not only at Burger Fest 2018, but also at the Tasty Awards a few months ago! People show it to us, though, every single day at the Burger AP in Agia Paraskevi  – the most hip street food spot of the town!

So, I could not do anything else but just say two great, HUGE THANKS: The first to all of the people who embraced and continue to embrace our tastes, and the second to my team’s people who continuously make my dreams… their own!  A thank you to everyone who was at the Burger Fest these three days, but also to the people who were at the Burger AP in Agia Paraskevi, and made sure that everything was running smoothly.

I know… I have said it countless times. Whoever believes that the chef’s occupation is a one-man show, only sees the one side. Behind that, though, there is a totally different image!

There is a team ready for everything. Our team :-)


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