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July 13, 2017
How well do you know your… FRIES?

Not 1 but 4 countries are after the title of discovering fries! Which ones are they?

  • New York. George Kram, the African American man who seemed to have resorted to cutting potatoes in this particular way in 1853 in his effort to annoy a picky client since he would make it difficult for him to pick them up with a fork…. His little “trick” didn’t work but his idea really took off!
  • Belgium. They went as far as to build a museum in order to prove that they are the ones who discovered fries. I am referring of course to the "Friet Museum", which is located in the majestic city of Bruges and has over 400 different appliances and kitchen utensils that have been used to make fries over the years. Along with these they also present a recipe for the “perfect fries”. (Do you think it could be mine? ;-)

  • Spain. Which is actually one of the first European countries where the potato first made its appearance. What does this mean? Well, since the potato first appeared there, it is more than likely that it was first fried there! At least that is what the Spaniards claim.

  • France. Well aren’t they called “French” fries? The French also dynamically claim “fatherhood” to fries! By the way fries date back to 1789 and it is said that the ones who were inspired to create them were the street vendors around the Pont Neuf bridge in Paris.

In my opinion, the most important thing isn’t who first fried the potato but that someone actually did! It is thanks to this person that fries started to take over the world and has become one of the most favored foods by both adults and children.

Fries also have their own very special day all over the world which is celebrated today!

Best of all, fries really do deserve all of our love – especially if you take into consideration the test results from the University of Aston and the University of Birmingham research department. According to them this particular food has to the power to put us in a better mood! Yes, yes! According to the research done by these specialists, the smell and taste of fries brings to our minds childhood memories that are connected with your favorite summer vacation or some special day.. thereby lifting your spirits and making you feel better!

The time has come where I would like to suggest you try my favorite recipe that makes the most amazing, fabulous “homemade” fries! Try them on their own first to get the full effect! Then you can enjoy them with another one of my favorites… the classic hamburger! As you know fries go perfectly with almost any food. Let me suggest some of them…

Breaded Fish Fillet with Yogurt Tartar Sauce

Tomato Beef Stew 

Chicken Nuggets

Greek Chicken Gyro

Pork Gyro with Tzatziki Sauce

I’ve saved everyone’s favorite recipe for last… Moussaka! A dish whose flavor soars to new heights due to the fries added! In this particular recipe, they are lightly fried in oil (after being boiled) so that they can sit perfectly next to the eggplants, ground meat and the rest of the ingredients. It is truly a MASTERPIECE!!!!

I wonder which one of these recipes is your favorite? Which one will you choose to enjoy along with these amazing fries? Let me know, but don’t rush! You have to try them all… one by one!! ;-)


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