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December 28, 2015
New Year's Day Brunch

New Year’s Eve is drawing near and I’m sure you have all made plans on how to make this night as special as possible. Whether you choose a New Year’s party at home with friends and family or an evening out with lots of drinks and music until the crack of dawn.


The first of the month will surely find us dancing, singing and having fun. But what about the morning after? Have you planned something just as special for the first day of the year?


You will all certainly be hungry after all the festivities! So I have some super quick and rich dishes to replenish your energy and enjoy a perfect, delicious New Year Brunch!


Simply follow my instructions and prepare a great spread for yourselves and your loved ones to start off the New Year right!


Starting from the classic French recipes, we have Croque Monsieur and Croque Madame. Use some fresh country bread for the Croque Monsieur and serve the Croque Madame with poached eggs.


Don’t leave out the deli meats and cheeses to make the brunch servings as rich and delicious as possible.



Croque Monsieur


Croque Madame


Carrying on with a French inspired dish, you can make French Toast from an assortment of leftover breads or sweetbreads. Serve them with maple syrup.


Γαλλικές φρυγανιές


Of course NO brunch is complete without pancakes. I have the best recipe for the Ultimate Pancakes! They are quick to make and the secret ingredient is yogurt. Try them!


Believe me, you will be rewarded in taste and give your energy a boost to get you moving after all of your New Year celebrating!



You can also make Bacon Pancakes to give your pancakes an extra kick and not only make your breakfast exceptionally energizing but you can satisfy even the most savory tastes.

Pancakes με μπέικον


If you are a crepe lover, I recommend you try my favorite Caramel and Orange Crepes Suzette 



Κρέπες με πορτοκάλι


Flambé them with some cognac and they are sure to become your personal favorite for any occasion.


Don’t miss out on these wonderful dishes. Try them and welcome 2016 with a powerful, delicious brunch.


Send in your pictures and enjoy all of your wonderful cooking! 


I wish you a very Happy New Year filled with a lot of inspiration and love!

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