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December 28, 2015
A Spectacular Romantic Dinner for Two

This season is full of love, joy and celebration. We share precious moments with our family, friends and loved ones and also with your significant other.


A romantic Christmas dinner for two is the perfect way to show your love, affection for the one you are with. It’s also a great way to show your interest for someone new. I have chosen some great recipes to impress! They are simple to make, delicious and just right to set a romantic holiday mood.


Prepare a surprise evening for that special person in your life, filled with appetizers, main courses, drinks and desserts. And best of all you made them all on your own especially for them.


What a nice way to celebrate Christmas, New Year’s, an anniversary, a new acquaintance or just simply… your love. Create a special evening that will surely be appreciated.


Let’s begin….


For a wonderful gourmet appetizer to start things off, try these Savory Tomato Cookies with Basil Pesto. It’s quite a unique recipe.


Αλμυρά μπισκότα ντομάτας


You can arrange them nicely on a serving platter and serve them like little tarts or like sandwich cookies. Enjoy the sweet dough made with sun dried tomatoes and the filling made with basil pesto, pine nuts, parmesan and cream cheese. Your taste buds will just love this wonderful combination of tastes.



Serve some Glühwein - Sweet Mulled Wine wine to warm things up and make your special combination of appetizer tastes complete.




Time to move on to the main course. I recommend you choose seafood or fish, especially if you want your guest to get into a more erotic mood.


The Salmon Gravlax with a Finochio Salad is a wonderful choice, with its rich aromatics that will surely pay off.


Σολομός Gravlax με σαλάτα φινόκιο


Serve it along with the amazing Camembert Chutney Parcels that are wrapped in a puff pastry and baked. It is sure to please!




You can use any type of chutney you like but I suggest you use the Apple Cranberry Chutney which suits it perfectly.


Chutney μήλο και κράνμπερις


Now to make the main course experience complete, you need the right drink! Get a good quality champagne, some winter fruits such as pomegranates and make your own Pomegranate Champaign Cocktail. Your special guest will be reeling with pleasure from your gastronomical creations!


Σαμπάνια με ρόδι


And last.. to finish things off right… choose the Almond and White Chocolate Cream Tart.


Τάρτα με κρέμα αμυγδάλου


A light and delicate dessert, with a crunchy crust and creamy, fluffy filling. If you know whether your significant other is a fan of the Queen of sweets…. chocolate… this dessert will definitely hit the spot since white chocolate is its basic ingredient.


Try making this menu for Christmas or anytime you want to plan an impressive romantic dinner to reignite the flame with your current partner or make some sparks fly with a new interest!


You can actually make it for any occasion, whatever time of year and whenever you want to show your love for that special someone in your life. Show off your cooking skills and offer a delicious meal worthy of the highest praise that you will both love.


Off you go!! Your table awaits!

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