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June 18, 2015
Sandwiches with attitude!

In this diary entry, I will share some of my favorite sandwich recipes with you! From the simplest, to the most complex…


Let me start by giving you some information on how the word “sandwich” was derived!


It made its first appearance in writing in Edward Gibbon’s newspaper. He referred to “bits of cold meat” as a “sandwich”. Its actual name came from John Montagu, an aristocrat in the 18th century. He was the 4th Earl of Sandwich, a town in Kent, England. It is said that he ordered his servant to bring him some meat tucked between two slices of bread. The rest of the town started to order “the same as Sandwich”.


It was well known that Lord of Sandwich loved food in this form because it allowed him to play cards, especially cribbage, while eating. It allowed free use of his hands without having to hold onto a knife or a fork or get his hands greasy from the meat.


We have grown accustomed to associating sandwiches with fast and easy food. A quick snack to get when we’re hungry…


In reality and with the use of a little imagination, it can be a complete, satisfying and very hearty meal.


No matter how many sandwiches you may have eaten, there’s always a sandwich that you’ll come across that you will want to try…


The secret to making a delicious sandwich is definitely in the use of high quality ingredients and bread!


Let’s start with the classics…


I’m sure that at some time, we have all tried a club sandwich… And I’m also sure that it has ranged anywhere from really good to inedible! The club sandwich I’m going to share with you will turn out to be your favorite! You can make it on your own and you can enjoy it any time of day, whether on your own or with friends!

In my opinion, a well-made club sandwich has to be properly assembled and of course… accompanied by fries!



I’ve shown you how to make sandwich bread! You can use this recipe to make my all-time favorite Coronation Sandwich, which is made with chicken and a great curry sauce!



The Scrumptious BLT is the next sandwich on the list! Bacon, lettuce and tomato of course! It is another favorite of mine because all you have need are 5 ingredients to make something so tasty… All you need is crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, tomato slices, mayonnaise and ciabatta sandwich loaves! This is a classic BLT sandwich recipe! 



A Meatball Sandwich could not be missing from my list of classic sandwiches! It is an authentic Italian recipe! For some of us will, it will take us back to afternoon snacks that grandma used to bring… some meatballs and a little cheese between two slices of bread!


If you’ve never tried it… it’s definitely time to! Meatballs, tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese between two slices of bread! 




Now we move on to a serious decision we have to make… Steak Sandwich or Philly Steak Sandwich??!!! It is a difficult decision to make! Why can’t we choose to make both?

The Philly steak sandwich comes from Philadelphia, USA. Some like to add cheese and let it melt but I preferred to make it with vegetables and meat. No need for me to remind you that the vegetables you use should be in season, to ensure the best taste!



The steak sandwich could be considered a little more “junk-food”… It is full of a lot of different ingredients that mesh very well together and in the end you come out with a perfect recipe for a very hearty sandwich!



For a more gourmet version, I decided to make a Pancetta and Apple Chutney Sandwich! You can’t imagine how nicely these two completely different tastes blend together to five a delicious, meaty, sweet and sour taste!




An unusual sandwich which needs a little more prep time but it is definitely worth the trouble is the Pancetta and Coleslaw Sandwich. First, you need to make the pork pancetta that will be used to fill the sandwich. Then make a Raita sauce which is a sauce made from yogurt and compliments the meat. And last but not least, the coleslaw!




Σας το άφησα για το τέλος γιατί είναι το πιο ιδιαίτερο! Δοκιμάστε το και θα με θυμηθείτε!


Νομίζω ότι μετά από τόσες συνταγές δεν θα ξέρετε ποιο να πρωτοδιαλέξετε!


Εγώ θα σας πρότεινα να τα δοκιμάσετε όλα και να κάνετε ένα Sandwich party με όλους τους φίλους σας!!!



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