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October 2, 2014
Cooking classes in the Kitchen Lab!!

Time spent with me in my kitchen, while taking cooking lessons, might remind someone more of a get together… dinner with friends… cooking with friends… than a classroom!

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of cooking with the winners of the BP contest, which was held in the Kitchen Lab this summer.

They arrived at 11.00 am. We got to know each other, had coffee, put on our aprons and straight into the kitchen!!!

By 2.00 pm, we had already completed the first course, main course and dessert!! There was nothing else left to do, but sit down and eat! We all gathered around my rectangular monastery dinner table and enjoyed the recipes they had prepared on their own.

The sounds of talking and laughter… wine, happy people and lots of wonderful aromas, once again filled the space I call Kitchen Lab!!!

I look forward to opening my doors again… for my next group of new friends…



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