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July 28, 2017
Be... Square!

Have you ever thought about how many forkfuls of your favorite salad can fit in a food container? How many chicken nuggets? How many yummy cheese pies or meatballs? No?  Well it’s time you found out! It’s time to be square! Well, square or rectangular or round! Once you get in this frame of mind.. empty out your tupperware! The age when ONLY one type of food fit in your tupperware is in the past! Now you can pack a whole meal in just one container!

Yes, yes! That’s what I said. A whole meal! This is the new and improved way to pack your lunch. You can add not 1 but 3 or 4 of your favorite foods. Salad, appetizer, main course.. (well you might prefer to pack your lunch somewhere else..).

My goal is to help you make it as… colorful as possible. Why? Well for the simple fact that a colorful meal pretty much represents the plethora of vitamins, nutrients and flavors that are hiding in a dish. This is the frame of mind you should keep when you arrange your lunchbox, your cooler for the beach, your picnic basket. Make your favorite foods and then divide them amongst the containers you have chosen (metallic, plastic (BPA Free) glass, solid colored or colorful). Are there four people in your family? Then you know that you will need 5-6 containers. One for each person; one for the way there and one for the way back. Why? Because you can’t come and go without pinching on something tasty! ;-)

Here are some pictures of lunchboxes I thought up! They are full of my favorite recipes that are suitable for this season and for all tastes. Take a look and choose this and that… whatever you like that will suit what you want to prepare for your next outing or excursion whether it is with family, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend or on your own.

Various seasonal fruits with your choice of nuts along with some refreshing yogurt!

Τάπερ με φρούτα και γιαούρτι

Chicken breasts with seasonal roasted vegetables ;)

Στήθος κοτόπουλο με ψητά λαχανικά

And everyone’s favorite… both young and old… a Grilled ham and cheese sandwich!! I added some potato chips that I love!!

Σάντουιτς, τοστ με ζαμπόν και τυρί και πατατάκια

I think you will really adore this next recipe… A bulgur salad with vegetables and carob rusks.

Σαλάτα με κινόα, μπρόκολο, αβοκάντο και διάφορα λαχανικά με παξιμάδια από χαρούπι

Of course, on my website you can find many, many more recipes and ideas to put together your lunchboxes. All you have to do is search through the site, find what you like and begin happily preparing all of your tasty goodies. And don’t forget to send me your pictures! Your food is prepared to follow you everywhere… how far are you prepared to go?


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