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February 13, 2019
Chocolate: Perfect for couples and…not only

Whether you…"celebrate" Valentine’s day or not, eat some chocolate! Why? Because no matter what your relationship status is, chocolate can always be “by your side”! I know, I know…it’s confusing. I’ll explain everything right away! So, let’s start with the basics: Enjoy reasonably! Yes, for some people pleasure and measure don’t go side by side; although, it’s a given that if we want to taste all that we love, we have to do it reasonably. Keeping that in mind, let’s see why chocolate has to be by your side on 14 February - whether you’re in a relationship, or not! At the same time, we’re going to debunk some myths about chocolate that are actually very common. Among all these, though, we’ll see some of the most DELICIOUS, PERFECT, and SEXIEST CHOCOLATE recipes!!!

Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache by the Greek chef Akis PetretzikisChocolate cake with chocolate ganache

Dark chocolate is good for the heart.

TRUTH. Due to the flavonoids that it contains, dark chocolate improves the arterial elasticity which most probably leads to lowering the blood pressure, but also to avoiding health problems which might be linked to arteriosclerosis and oxidative stress. WHY YOU SHOULD EAT CHOCOLATE: Are you in a relationship? Two hearts in one, that will be even…stronger! Are you broken hearted? Dark chocolate will help you…put the pieces together and look at things from a different -sweeter- perspective ;-)

Τάρτα διπλής σοκολάτας από τον Άκη ΠετρετζίκηDouble chocolate tart

Chocolate, a mood booster.

TRUTH. This is a truth that almost all of us know. How is it explained? The cocoa that is into the chocolate, has the power to stimulate the production of endorphins. What does that mean? That it reduces stress levels and it can even contribute to treating depression. WHY YOU SHOULD EAT CHOCOLATE: Ok, I imagine you know where this is going. Are you together? It will boost your mood! You aren’t together? It will also boost your mood (together or alone, don’t forget to consume it reasonably!).

Trilogy chocolate cake by the Greek chef Akis PetretzikisTrilogy chocolate cake

Chocolate is fattening.

MYTH. Chocolate is not fattening on its own, but it’s the excessive amount of chocolate -or any kind of food- that we consume. A small amount of our favorite treat cannot have negative effects on our weight. WHY YOU SHOULD EAT CHOCOLATE: Because you’re together and you’re celebrating! So, find your favorite dessert and enjoy it together. Are you alone? Go a little crazy and give in to your favorite temptation! Did you break up recently? Make him or her one of these chocolate desserts and…come closer. Just tell me, who can resist THESE DESSERTS? What? He/she is on a diet? But these desserts can be the best cheat meal.

Sea salt chocolate brownie by the Greek chef Akis PetretzikisSea salt chocolate brownie

The conclusion? We will always find a reason to enjoy our favorite treat. But remember that chocolate, just like all foods, should be consumed reasonably (yes, I know…I keep saying that). How do we define reasonably? According to health professionals, when following a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, we can eat 20-25 g dark chocolate a day (all this, of course, under the condition that we don’t have a health problem which forbids its consumption). And since there are some very special days in our lives, a treat is the perfect choice to make them -along with the people that are with us- even more special.

I can’t wait to see your own chocolate creations!


Chocolate fondue by the Greek chef Akis PetretzikisChocolate fondue

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