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October 21, 2016
Soups on the GO!

Souping is the new juicing…

You’re probably thinking… “What’s he on about again?!!” But these are not my words! They are the words of Rachel Beller which I recently read in her article about soups and their “magical properties”…. It really fired me up!

I started thinking that everyone has found themselves in the following position: It’s around noon time; you are at work and would really love to enjoy some nice hot soup… especially if it is fall or winter. Your first thought.. “Let me order!!!” This is where I come in with a second and much wiser thought and make a suggestion… “Why don’t you make your own soup from the night before?”

And you might ask me… “Ok… But how will I carry it without possible leakage that will make a mess in my bag while carrying it?” This is a smart question because even Tupperware can open up by accident and who wants to run around cleaning and washing things early in the morning…

Would I just leave you hanging like that? I have the perfect solution for you!!

Make instant soups or “Soups on the go”! How can you do this? Very easily and truly very quickly!!

All you have need is a jar with a lid, preferably airtight… add all the fresh ingredients and spices of your choice as well as any type of sauce you may want to add… and seal securely.

Then you just take it with you to work the following day and at lunch time.. you can work your magic! All you have to do is add some boiling water and your delicious instant soup is ready to eat!

And the best thing of all??? All you need is a spoon! You don’t even need to use another dish and have more to wash since you can eat it straight out of the jar! ;)

Apart from being a great lunch for work, I think it’s quite an impressive idea to make for your friends at home for lunch! You can serve it as an appetizer. Set the table by placing the jars full of all the ingredients at each setting and let each one of your guests add the boiling water or even their own choice of ingredients all on their own! They will definitely be surprised and impressed.

I have 3 special and super tasty recipes for soups on the go for you! You can prepare all of the fresh ingredients at home, fill the jar, add the boiling water at work and create a wonderful soup in just minutes! You may want to bring another instant soup jar for any favorite friend or coworker since they will be very jealous!


Let's begin with a very nutritious Yellow Split Pea Soup in a Jar...

Instant Pesto Soup in a Jar

And of course Instant Tomato Soup in a Jar!!


What other kinds of soups on the go would you like to make? What ingredients would you like to add? Let me know if you like this idea… use your creative imagination and share all of the great combinations I’m sure you will come up with! Don’t forget to add pictures and comments!!

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