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December 10, 2016
Homemade Christmas decorative objectives


it is close to Christmas! And what is Christmas all about? Presies, food and fun!!!!!

NO… actually Christmas is not about that… Christmas is all about sharing.. it is about spending time with your loved ones, family and friends. So it is not about finding the best present but it is about making that present with your friends or your kids. 

One great way to do that and involve all in the family involves food. We had a similar idea last year and you can see it here.

One recipe that we can use to make great decorative objects is our christmas cookies.

With this recipe I can show you two very nice things to do. 

The first idea is to make beautiful little christmas trees using the cookie dough… it is very simple… with the use of cookie cutters in the form of christmas trees we create nice trees that we glue together using royal icing …

Another cool idea is to make christmasy garlands using those cookies. We use nice cookie cutters and bake little cookies with our preferred shapes. 

We make sure that we make 2 holes in each cookie before we bake them. 

Using a nice ribbon we thread the cookies and in between we can use other decorative elements like pieces of cloth, christmas lights or anything else that we fancy. 

Another type of garland can be made with dried slices of citrus fruit.

We put the slices in a pan covered with parchment paper and we bake them in a preheated oven at 70 degrees…

We bake for 5 hours or until they are very dry…

The third idea is a bit more for the kids in the family.

Using our recipe for meringues we can make nice colourfull meringues decorative objects in the shape of stars, circles etc… 

We bake them at 90 degrees celsius for 2 hours and we want to make sure that they are completely dry. 

After they cool off we decorate them with ribbons and decorate with them our ornaments..

I hope that you will give those a try and maybe post some pictures with your efforts 


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