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August 10, 2014
Homemade Jams

Each season has a wonderful choice of fruits, especially the summer time...refreshing water melon fragrant nectarines, juicy pears and many, many, more.....

I always hear from my friends how they never are able to finish enjoying there fruits before they begin to spoil...and its such a shame to throw them away!!

You can take advantage of the situation and believe me when you begin to start making your own jams, you will be buying even more fruits.  There is nothing better then having a jar of homemade jam in the cupboard all year long!

Surprise your friends with a jar of homemade jam when you are visiting them..or just fill your cupboards up with colorful and tasty jars of jams. 

If some fruits have low pectin...I have a solution for this to!

Check out our recipes for homemade jams and enjoy the summer flavors all year long!

Have fun cooking and have a great summer!!


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