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September 3, 2014
Homemade Jams Vol2

There are so many ideas and combinations for making jams… They are truly never ending!

A good friend of mine brought me a crate of figs, freshly picked from his garden!

How many can I possibly eat?! I actually did eat a lot of them because they were so fresh and delicious. I made fig jam with the rest of them!

I didn’t miss the chance to pick up some juicy pears that caught my eye at the farmer’s market. They are in season now so I decided to make a Spiced Pear and Balsamic Vinegar Spoon Sweet.

You can eat it just as you would a jam. It has large pieces of fruit in thick syrup. This particular combination had a unique taste, different to any other types of spoon sweets or jams I’ve tried in the past!

I also kept looking at pumpkins and was drawn to their bright, beautiful color! I couldn’t help myself! I decided to try making a Vanilla Pumpkin Jam and it turned out scrumptious!

Go out, walk around, get inspired… and start creating!!


Look forward to hear from you and getting your feedback…


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