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July 7, 2017
Summer Party | Vol. 4

I’ve come to the conclusion that time really flies even faster than what we all think! I feel like we had our previous summer party just a while ago! Where did the time go? Yes! We had this year’s summer party last Thursday! Our traditional Kitchen Lab summer party where we have the chance to relax with all of our friends and coworkers right before we take off for summer vacation! We set aside our daily routines and put on our finest summer smiles and WE HAD A GREAT TIME!

welcome τραπέζι υποδοχής στο πάρτυ του Άκγ

πάρτυ στην αυλή και πολύς κόσμος

This year it was veeery, veeery hot! Thank goodness for the larger than life Coca-Cola cooler that saved the day! It was full of all of our favorite beverages which we could reach for at any time to quench our thirst and refresh us! Also the fabulous Movenpick ice cream with unique and original flavors that thrilled everyone!

Παγωτό σε διάφορες γεύσειςWe were also lucky enough to have the delicious meals from our friends at Melissa Pasta that came straight out of the Melissa Truck and the "Melissa on the Road". What wonderful, flavorful and filling meals we enjoyed! It’s not by chance that pasta is considered one of the most favored foods in the world… What can I say? I’m a pasta man just like you guys!

Kitchen Lab Party Akis Petretzikis

μακαρόνια σε πάρτυ και κόσμος

And of course we couldn’t have a party without a traditional Greek sweet! Macedonian Halvah took care of that for us in the best way possible! They offered individual chocolate halva to all of our guests.

Kitchen Lab Party Akis PetretzikisOur mood was on high even before the party began! The Guinness and Corona beers took us to all sorts of higher levels!! The 2 very impressive bars made sure each and every one of us got to enjoy all they had to offer!   

μπίρα και κόσμος σε πάρτυ

Kitchen Lab Party Akis Petretzikis

We decided to rely on one of the simplest but most beautiful décor for our party… Nature! Colorful, fresh summer fruits filled all of Kitchen Labs tables, shelves and even the table that was right next to the DJ stand! The watermelons were turned into ice creams.. and later on into cocktails! The pineapples wore sunglasses and the bananas and limes filled the space with their beautiful colors and aromas. Lemon wedges found their way into the jars to give them an even more summery look!

djs σε παρτυ

Kitchen Lab Party Akis Petretzikis

You know something? I really love summer! Especially when it starts off with a Kitchen Lab Party! I believe it is the best way to stop running around and really get into my summer mood! It’s more than just a simple party for me… It signifies the completion of a creative year and the beginning of a new one. My goal is to try to make each new year more creative than the previous one. What does this mean? It means that I have more surprises lined up for you that promise to make your days even more…. delicious! Stay tuned because.. together… we can make each and every day special. Food is our “ally” and combined with drinks it can bring us all closer together… At a party, in a restaurant, around the table at home, even around a couch.. All year round!   

Kitchen Lab Party Akis Petretzikis

For the time being… winter can wait because it’s summertime!!! This season can definitely help us clear our minds, relax and recharge our batteries. I already started this process from last Thursday, with the power of cooking, friends and music…. You?


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