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January 4, 2016
Vegetarian Recipes!

Whether you love vegetables and healthy nutrition, you are a real vegetarian or if you are just trying to detox and get meat out of your diet for a few days… I have a great menu that will satisfy all of your tastes!

7 recipes, 7 suggestions, 7 vegetarian recipes I’m offering for you to try out this week. They are especially great to try since the previous week was packed with holiday food.. turkey, ham etc., and you might need something a little lighter.

This menu has got it all! Snacks, sides, salads, main dishes and desserts! And it will prove that vegetarian dishes are nothing short of…. deliciously enjoyable!

Start off with the Savory Pumpkin and Feta Strudel that is filled with the aromas of sage and thyme and your choice of nuts!

It is a rich tasting, crunchy and very filling dish that will become your favorite dish or snack.


Στρούντελ με κολοκύθα, φέτα και μανιτάρια


Enjoy great finger food with Feta Stuffed Sweet Potatoes. A quick and easy recipe that can easily be served as your favorite side dish for any lunch or dinner with family or friends.


Γλυκοπατάτες γεμιστές με φέτα


Now for a wonderful main dish that is impressive in both looks and taste, try the Linguini with Beetroot Pesto. It is made with beetroots, walnuts and cheese. No one will ever believe it is so easy to make!


Λιγκουίνι με πέστο παντζαριού


This next recipe is a vegetarian favorite! The Roast Broccoli Salad. It is very healthy, delicious and perfect for dieting. Its combination of : broccoli which is rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber, pomegranate which is the winter fruit of luck… and some of my dressing with my favorite tahini and Greek yogurt… will produce a dream of a salad!


Σαλάτα με ψητό μπρόκολο και ρόδι


Since it is winter, I think a nice Quinoa and Lentil Soup would be just right! It will fill you with energy and protein and keep us energized all through the day!


Σούπα με κινόα και φακές


For all of you who love pies, I’m suggesting you try making this Eggplant Phyllo Pie with Walnuts. It’s perfect for any occasion, whether you serve it for brunch or enjoy it as a delicious and filling snack!


Mελιτζανόπιτα με καρύδια


I’ve saved one of my favorite sweets for last. One I’m sure you will love… a Mocha Meringue Roulade . You will be so pleasantly surprised at how light and rich in taste it is!

What better way to bring your vegetarian menu to an end or keep making these light and healthy dishes all year round.


Κορμός μαρέγκας με γέμιση μόκα


Enjoy all of these vegetarian recipes I’ve made for you and see for yourselves that vegetarianism is not lacking in flavor, enjoyment or variety!


For more vegetarian recipes, visit my Special Diet section on my website, Vegetarian.

Send me all of your creations, recipes and photos!




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