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February 19, 2016
Recipes with Carob

You know how much I like to experiment, test recipes and try to take them to higher levels! I always like to use all-natural basic ingredients that are given freely from nature.


I have created 6 recipes with exactly such an ingredient. One of the most important natural sweetening foods… the carob!


Carob Recipes


The carob comes from the Ceratonia silique tree, more commonly known as a carob tree. It is an evergreen tree that can live to be 100 years old. It is native to the Mediterranean region.


It can be found in Cyprus, in Southern Greece and many Greek islands such as Crete and Samos. Its name in Greek is “ksilokeratia” meaning wooden horn.


The carob fruit is a legume that is bean-like in shape. It has been called the food of the poor and has been the basic sustenance for many people in times of war and famine.


It is impressive to know that the word “carat”, the unit of weight, is derived from the Ancient Greek word “keration” and literally means “small horn” and refers to the carob seed! It is really worth its weight in gold! 


The uses of carob are vast. They are also used for making furniture, woodwork, dyes apart from of course their edible consumption in cooking and baking.


You can find carobs in health food stores, delis, some larger farmer’s markets and even some supermarkets.  

Though the carob pod can be eaten raw, it isn’t very often. The seeds are roasted and ground into a powder. This powder can be used to make great snacks, breads, sweets and drinks!


Now that you have gotten a little better acquainted with this little “gem”, let’s make 6 recipes with carob powder or carob flour like I promised!


I love to make bread! So I tried making my own carob bread and it turned out fantastic! It’s aromatic, easy to make and no kneading necessary!


A great homemade bread, whose basic ingredient is carob flour.  Carob flour, ginger, nuts and a delicious chocolate color that makes it look more like a cake. Trust me, everyone in the family will love it! Carob Bread with Ginger and Nuts.


Carob Bread


It turned out so good I had to trymaking another Carob Bread. You can make it with carob honey or molasses. Both ways are... great!


Carob Bread


Then I tried making some Carob Rusks. I found that you can actually either make a whole loaf or rusks and both ways are included in the recipe. You can also make carob dakos!


Try these sweet rusks with some cucumber and salty cheese. You can enjoy them as a quick snack at the office, at home or take them along on a road trip or a picnic.


Carob Rusks


Carob Bread


Round Carob Rusks


And now, something most of you don’t know… carob flour is the best chocolate or cocoa substitute!


Carob flour has a pleasant and sweet flavor that is reminiscent of the taste and color of chocolate, though it has a higher nutritional value and fewer calories.


In my efforts to come up with a great sweet for you I think I made the ultimate combination by using carob flour, some honey, some tahini. I then gave it a white chocolate coating. I think I created the most fantastic Carob Chocolates! Try them!


Carob Chocolates


 And last, I would like to show you how to use carob flour to make drinks and beverages.


I thought I’d try something that is usually made with chocolate! So with carob flour, banana and milk you can create a healthy, energizing smoothie that will fill you with vitality all day long!  


Carob Smoothie


Learn to use this great ingredient daily! Stock up on carob flour, carob honey, organic carob powder and carob syrup and start experimenting! All of these products can be consumed if you are gluten intolerant!


Include it in your diet and take advantage of the high percentage of vegetable proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins it contains.


Enjoy all these great creations with carob flour!

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