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July 19, 2016
Utensils and Cookware that are Essential in the Kitchen!

What does it take to make sure a recipe is successful? Some people say it is the ingredients. Others say its patience and the love of cooking that makes all of your recipes turn out good. I agree with all of the above and I will add… Kitchen Utensils! They are your tools in cooking!

Yes, the truth is that something CAN really go wrong with a recipe if you are missing a utensil that is necessary or if you take too long to make a recipe because you don’t have the simplest tool anyone can imagine! A “bad” pan, for instance, will not give you the same results as a good nonstick pan!

I’m not talking about expensive kitchen utensils. It is important to know your needs and make sure you have the basic and correct tools for you and that they are easily accessible to you at all times. 

The following list is exactly that. Essential kitchen utensils. Look it over and you will know what you will invest in next!  



Good quality knives

The saying “what you buy is what you get” really applies here. A good quality, general purpose knife, from 15 cm to 36 cm is just right. With it you can chop up any vegetable you want.

Another essential knife is one that you will cut meat with. Of course you can choose a good knife set if you don’t want to pick out each knife on its own. A good knife should be stable, sharp and sit well in your hand. This is why you should try it out before buying it.


Cutting boards

An unbelievably useful tool that not only protects your countertops but also helps you transfer your ingredients quickly from place to place. Note that you should have a separate cutting board for white meat, another for red meat and a third one for your vegetables.  


Mortar and pestle

A much loved and classic tool. It is used manually to mash or “grind down” anything from herbs to spices.



Weighing and measuring

As you know, accuracy is very important in cooking and especially when it comes to baking. So stock up on measuring spoons and cups for both dry and wet ingredients (grams and ml); and of course kitchen scales!



It is very useful to have around when you are not sure if your chicken, for instance, is completely done but also very handy when making syrups, jams etc.



Bowls, bowls more bowls!

One of the simplest and most useful kitchen utensils! Be well stocked with an assortment of different sized bowls because you really can’t imagine how helpful they are generally and especially when you need to complete a recipe quickly.


Wooden spoons

They are perfect for all of the stirring needed while cooking and they don’t scratch any of your nonstick pots and pans. Always have them within arm’s reach!



Silicon spatula

They come in very handy when you are having trouble flipping over a thin dough like a crepe! And also when you gently want to mix a cake batter.


Garlic press

All you have to do is remove the peel, pop it in the garlic press and your garlic will be mashed and ready to use in a recipe in no time!


Lemon squeezer

Always have a simple, practical lemon squeezer at your disposal. If you use lemons in your recipes often, it is very essential for you!


Hand Whisk

When you can avoid using a mixer to combine your ingredients… do it! The classic hand whisk or “balloon whisk” is your perfect assistant!



Quickly use it to zest cinnamon, hard cheeses and a number of spices. It is always useful to have around.



This is not one of the first utensils that may come to mind as “necessary” but believe me, it is the perfect helper. You can use it to cut up all of your vegetables as thin as you like!



Easily turn over scorching hot meat in the oven or in a pan without poking any holes in it. They are very useful!


Meat tenderizer

If you don’t want to ask your butcher to pound your meat for you, buy your own meat pounder to make schnitzel or simply flatten out any meats you want before cooking them.


Rolling pin

If you love to make pies, pizzas and baking in general, you definitely need a good rolling pin.


Corkscrew and Openers

You can get an all in one gadget or separately… Can opener, bottle opener, corkscrew… absolutely essential!!


Pastry bags (disposable and tips)

One of the most important tools when it comes to baking. They are used to decorate all of your sweets as well as shape cookies creatively!


Cookie cutters

Let your imagination run free! Stock up on whatever shapes you like best according to the season and of course your tastes!


2-3 Strainers, Sieves and Sifters

Strainers are needed to drain pasta and vegetables.
Sieves and sifters are needed to sift flour etc. They are one of the first tools a novice needs to have in the kitchen.




Small and large, wide and deep, medium sized and an ovenproof pot. You need a large assortment of good quality pots that can cook all sorts of foods quickly and evenly.



The same applies for pans. Different sizes, nonstick and an ovenproof pan. It is also good to have a wok handy for quick and healthy cooking.



Baking pans, loaf pans and wire racks

When it comes to cooking in the oven, whether baking, roasting or broiling… you need to have the right cookware. Thin baking sheets for cookies…. a 20x30 cm baking pan for syrupy sweets, 10x20 cm and 10x28 cm loaf pans for baking bread. Round spring form pans or cake pans with a hole in the middle. 24 cm and 26 cm spring form pans are the best. If you don’t have a wire rack to cool your sweets on, get one as soon as possible because it is very useful!  


Clay pot

A clay pot is one of the most valuable cookware items for cooking in the oven. It retains all of the juices, aromas and flavor in the food while cooking! It is a unique way of cooking that only a clay pot knows how to do!



Mixer, blender and food processor

These 3 tools are miracle workers! Simply plug them in and let them do their job!

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