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July 27, 2016
Summer Fruit!

What could be better than fruit during the hot summer months? Fresh fruit bursting with aromas, flavors, colors and natural freshness!

Mother nature has her own special agenda and each one of her seasons brings forth very special and different gifts. When I was younger I remember how impatient I was while waiting for summer. Not just for the sun and the sea but also for the nectarines growing fresh in my grandmother’s garden, sweet watermelons from the neighborhood grocer, melons, peaches, figs, plums and apricots.


 And as you can imagine, it’s time to talk about and get better acquainted with the wide variety of summer fruit!

Apricots, those juicy fruits from the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the “golden apples” as the Romans used to call them. Rich in fiber and nutrients, their sweet flavor automatically makes them a great dessert. Be careful though… don’t keep them in the refrigerator for too long because they dry out quickly.


So, whip up an Apricot and Gruyere Sauté, which will only take you 30 minutes to make. If you have more time you can also make a scrumptious Peach and Apricot Pie!!



Peaches are extremely beneficial since they are made up of 88% water!! This is what makes them so refreshing. ;) How about a wonderful Peach Pudding in just minutes? Everyone will be so grateful you did!!  



On the other hand if you have leftover peaches, you can make a very refreshing and different summer sweet…. Pickled Peaches!!



Citrullus lanatus… also known as watermelon… belongs to the same family as the cucumber and the pumpkin! It has been around from 2500 B.C. and is made up of 92% water.

If you are watermelon lovers, I have some great ideas to take your creativity up a notch! From a Watermelon Spoon Sweet to a super refreshing and energizing Watermelon Smoothie all the way to a Watermelon Pizza!


                                                          Watermelon Jelly


                                              Watermelon and Whipped Cream Torte



                                                     Savory… Watermelon Pizza



                                                   Watermelon Cheesecake



                                                       Watermelon Pudding


                                             Watermelon and Feta Cheese Salad



Melons…. an oasis of freshness in the midst of summer. Rich in flavor and aroma, it is one of the most popular summer fruits available. Due to its sweet and refreshing taste it makes for a very good dessert with very few calories!

Grapes…. those delicious vine fruits are already in season. Now, in the middle of summer the grapes suitable for eating are already served on everyone’s table, whereas the grapes that are used for making wine will be ready a little later… in autumn!


                                  Cinnamon and Peppercorn Pickled Grapes


                                               Frozen Sweet and Sour Grapes



                                             Focaccia with Grapes and Rosemary



                                                                  Pickled Grapes



Plums…. in all their varieties, are a very good source of vitamins. They not only have a sweet taste and an exceptional aroma… they are also a great ally for your health and beauty!!

Figs… a fruit that is closely related to summer! From a very young age, I can always remember figs on all of our vacations and trips to the beach. It is such a rich tasting, sweet fruit that is the perfect choice for so many amazing desserts….


                                                      Chocolate Tart with Figs


                                                         Rice Pudding with Figs


                                             Figs in a Sweet Wine Chocolate Sauce


                                               Bread with Figs Nuts and Seeds



And last, but definitely not least, you can’t overlook nectarines! A treasure of antioxidants! Every morning, I always make sure to grab 2-3 nectarines before I go to Kitchen Lab and start to work. I munch on them on the way or keep them for a snack.  I recently came up with a super delicious homemade Nectarine and Pear Marmalade, that I enjoyed spread over my own freshly baked Sourdough Bread!! You have to try it! What better way to start your day?!!  ;)














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