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December 14, 2015
Christmas Roasts

Aahhh… the smell of roasting meat drifting out of the kitchen and warming every corner in the house. Roasts are one  of the most important Christmas dishes. Everyone gathers around the table and wait impatiently with knife and fork in hand, ready to see and taste what you have prepared for them.

I would like to recommend 7 wonderful roast meat recipes that everyone is sure to enjoy this Christmas.


Let’s begin!


Spinach Omelet Stuffed Meat Roll


Γεμιστό ρολό με ομελέτα


If you are looking for a quick family recipe the meat roll stuffed with a spinach omelet is sure to satisfy. Choose good pieces of beef schnitzel and give them an original filling with a spinach omelet that you will turn into a roll with great dexterity! Add some aroma with rosemary and thyme and you can be sure you will impress them all.


Roast Beef with Gravy


Ρολό μοσχάρι


You can also try making a roast of silverside beef marinated in the aromas of bay leaves, thyme, parsley and peppercorns. Add extra flavor with raisins, lemon juice and lots of your favorite vegetables.


Butterflied Roast Turkey


Γαλοπούλα ψητή σε σχήμα πεταλούδας


Since the classic stuffed roast turkey takes a long time to make and I know that most of you don’t have the luxury of so much time, I have come up with a way to roast your turkey in just 90 minutes! Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, this recipe will become the centerpiece on your table! Serve it with this delicious stuffing rich in aromas, the sensational cranberry sauce and the smooth bread sauce! It will be a dining experience fit for Kings and Queens! Watch the video!


And on to pork...


Roast Pork with Mustard and a Honey Glaze


Χοιρινό μπούτι με μέλι


Try making this amazingly delicious roast pork with mustard and a honey glaze with my special 5-spice mix. Such a rich, caramelized pork will set everyone’s taste buds soaring to new heights!


Roast Glazed Ham


Ψητό χοιρινό μπούτι


A classic recipe for roast ham, marinated in fresh orange juice, vinegar, oregano and thyme. The aromas will make your mouth water! It is such an easy recipe to prepare. The only thing you really need to do is prepare the marinade and roast the ham.. leave the rest up to the ingredients and your oven!


I have also prepared some of the best recipes for you lamb lovers!


Honey Glazed Leg of Lamb


Καραμελωμένο μπούτι αρνιού


Watch the video to help you make one of my favorite dishes… honey glazed leg of lamb with an aromatic rosemary marinade. This sensational caramelized lamb may be even more impressive than the fireworks!


Pesto Stuffed Leg of Lamb Wrapped in Vine Leaves


Γεμιστό αρνίσιο μπούτι με πέστο


This delicate, gourmet and classic dish is sure to be voted the best dish of the year! The lovely combination of flavors of the tender lamb, pesto filling and the vine leaves it is wrapped and cooked in, will leave your guest speechless! Try serving it with sweet potato wedges.


You can find all the best roasts for this Christmas at

I’m sure you will love them all! Choose your favorite ones for this holiday season and give your family and friends new dishes to enjoy! They are easy to make whether you are a novice or a veteran in the kitchen.


As always, I urge you to add your own touches to these recipes or let them inspire you to make your own wonderful dishes or sides. Send them in and surprise me with all your wonderful holiday culinary miracles!

I’ll be waiting...


Happy Roasting!



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