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January 29, 2015
Kitchen Lab is emitting…. Sauces!!!

Kitchen Lab is emitting…. Sauces!!!

Sauces from all over the world!

Don’t underestimate the power a sauce can have! It can truly transform a meal!

I have come up with some delicious sauce recipes from all over the world for you! Use them to add a whole new depth of flavor for fish, meat and vegetable dishes!

Try the wonderful Romesco sauce. One of the better-known Catalonian recipes; whose sweetness blends perfectly with chicken, fresh onions, calamari and quail.

The Brazilian Molho Campanha, is a perfect companion for steaks and fillets. It’s also great for grilled corn on the cob and salads.

In the Canary Islands, we come across the Green Mojo. Although this sauce suits fish and meat, on the islands it is usually served with baby potatoes in their skin!

Another sauce is the Sriracha, which is a chili sauce that comes from Thailand. It goes very well with fried meatballs!

Who says barbeque sauces are only found in Texas and Australia?! This Korean Style BBQ Sauce is a truly authentic Korean recipe and transfers its delicious taste to pork in seconds!

If you are looking for the perfect sauce to use on steak, you’ve found it! Try making some Chimichurri sauce. It comes from Argentina and is the perfect sauce for meats!

A sauce that we come across in Indonesia is the Bumbu Kacang. It contains various vegetables and is slightly spicy. It’s a perfect match for chicken!

And.. last but not least, is the Apple Sauce. It is commonly used in England, many European cities and the States… It’s great with pancetta and potatoes!

Be inspired and cook..

Good Luck!!

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