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February 5, 2015
Kitchen Lab goes to Paris - Part 2

Paris, Day 2

We set off bright and early for the Louvre..

We were very fortunate because in order to get to the Museum we had to go through the gardens of the Palais Royale… an extraordinary oasis in the city. It was one of the most enjoyable moments of our trip… One minute we were walking in between cars and traffic and the next minute we found ourselves in a whole other world…

What really impressed us was how many other people were going to visit the museum just like us. The line to get in was huge again so we asked the people around us why there were so many people and if it was always like this!

And our question was answered… Every first Sunday of the month the entrance to the Louvre was free. We waited for about an hour to get in and by that time the line had grown even longer so it was a good thing we had gotten there so early.

We were absolutely blown away inside the museum.. We knew that it was supposed to be huge and magnificent but hadn’t understood to what extent exactly! It was truly amazing…

Of course we weren’t able to see the whole museum. You need days to do that and we didn’t have that many days at our disposal. We had to see as much as we could within a few hours and after some conversation and debate amongst us we decided to go and see the Greek antiquities the Louvre had in its possession. We saw Venus de Milo and the Winged Victory of Samothrace which were both stunningly beautiful. We also saw the Mona Lisa and one of us from the group insisted on going to see the Egyptian antiquities which were also stunning.

We were prepared and had pen and paper, ready for everything! After 5 hours we came out exhausted but full of beautiful images. We thought the Mona Lisa would have been larger in size and everyone was in front of the painting with friends taking selfies.

I think the most beautiful part was the Egyptian one that really created a lifelike image of what life was like in this Ancient country.

Statues, jewelry, tombs… they even had a mummy! A real one!

After the museum we decided to go visit the farmer’s market. Not just any farmer’s market but the Bastille Farmer’s Market. It was amazing and full of products from all over France.

Apart from fruits and vegetables they had meats, fish and cheese from all over..

Wonderful products.. so fresh and inviting we wanted to buy everything!

We couldn’t believe how great it was. We asked the people there and they told us that not all the farmer’s markets are like this in France. We had definitely made the right choice!

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