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February 15, 2015
Kitchen Lab goes to Paris – Part 5 Final

Day 5.. Our last day in Paris…  How time flies!

On this day we wanted to go visit a chocolate factory and get a little shopping done..

There are some shops in Paris that sell various ingredients and kitchenware for cooking and confectionary. One of these shops is the Dehillerin.

A wonderful world that is any chef’s paradise! They have such a wide variety of kitchenware for all uses, especially the copper series… I wish I could fill a whole kitchen with all their wonderful products…

We picked up a few things for Kitchen Lab… small things you can’t really find in Greece.. We could have easily filled a whole container!

We also visited the “Grand Epicerie de Paris” a wonderful upscale “grocery store” that is the finest you have ever seen.. Whole series of butter and water, phenomenal fish, awesome spices, exceptional, elaborate desserts and sweets, books, kitchen ware etc.

We then went out of Paris to visit an old chocolate factory that was situated next to the river and used the movement of the water to power the machinery that process the cocoa…

Absolutely beautiful buildings that have mostly been turned into office buildings.. but the strong aroma of chocolate is still inside its walls…

On the way back we enjoyed a quick cocktail in one of the oldest café’s in the St. Germaine area.

This is how we said “au revoir” to Paris…

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