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February 11, 2015
Kitchen Lab goes to Paris – Part 4

Paris, Day 4

Parisian Sweets…

Paris is intertwined with cooking and pastries. From the early 1700’s the confectioners in the city with head pastry chef Antonin Carême, began making sensational pastries that were hand "carved". These sweets adorned the imperial tables in the Royal Palaces.

After the emancipation of the guild of chefs, each chef could make anything they wanted… sweet or savory without anyone giving him any problems. This really helped the advancement of new techniques and the development of the art of confectionary in the country.

This advancement never ended and resulted in making Paris the capital of confectionary until this day. And it is true that you can find some of the most amazing and delicious pastries in Paris.

There are many very good pastry shops that are very well known in the world and gather visitors from all over. There are websites and books where unbelievable pastries and sweets are mentioned that are made in some of these pastry shops in the city. Generally there is quite a culture as far as confectionary goes… good ingredients, new shops, new pastry chefs and new trends.

Chocolate and macaroons are very important… There are many confectionaries that specialize in either one or the other.

Éclair’s are very much in fashion the past 2 years. They have any kind of filling you could possibly imagine and are elaborately decorated.

There are 3-4 pastry shops that specialize in eclairs and that’s all they make. We visited one of these and were completely blown away by the variety.  

We also visited one of the finest chocolate houses in the city that mesmerized us with all of the chocolates they had… hot chocolate served in small mugs and various chocolate sweets…

Και φυσικά τα φημισμένα μακαρόν του Παρισιού με ότι γεύση μπορείτε να φανταστείτε όπου υπάρχουν μαγαζιά που ανοίγουν το πρωί στις 7 και κλείνουν στις 2 τα ξημερώματα και το μόνο που πουλάνε είναι μακαρόν.

And of course the famous Parisian macaroons are available in any flavor you can imagine! There are shops that open at 7.00 in the morning and close at 2.00 in the morning that only sell macaroons!

The chocolate factories in Paris that sell chocolate couvertures in the super markets come across a very serious problem… It is so easy for people there to buy a delicious and quite spectacular sweet in their neighborhood bakery than to go through all of the trouble of making one at home! It makes perfect sense since the quality of sweets in the city is really unbelievable…

I think it might be worth going to Paris just to enjoy one of their amazing sweets!

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