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February 9, 2015
Kitchen Lab goes to Paris – Part 3

Paris, Day 3

Breakfast today was dedicated to the restaurant Arpege, one of the best restaurants in the world! It is actually number 25 on the 50 best restaurants list. Well, all of these lists is more for show and for the magazines and don’t actually show what goes on in each restaurant but they do offer you a small insight.

We wanted to go to a very good restaurant in Paris but not just any good restaurant. How were we supposed to choose? With what thought process?

The most important thing for us was for the restaurant to have some history or meaning behind the food we were going to eat… We looked at all the good restaurants in Paris and chose the Arpege…

The reason was simple… The famous chef of Arpege… Alain Passard has a vision which has become the vision of many chefs in the whole world!

His vision refers to a restaurant which has an admirable cooperation with a field, a vegetable garden where it would get all its produce from…

He is not the first chef to have done this. 50-60 years ago all the tavernas in Greece had a small vegetable garden in the back that would supply them with all the vegetables they needed. This idea has now spread all over the world since the forgotten healthy vegetables are back in fashion as well as many forgotten varieties of vegetables…

Since this kind of restaurant is extremely expensive, we decided to have breakfast there so that the prices would be more approachable and we would also be able to get a good feel of their style of cooking.

I think that people who are interested in food should save up some money in a little piggy bank and use it at a really good restaurant once a year.. It’s really an experience!

The menu offered 14 dishes! Yes! That’s right… 14 dishes… We were absolutely thrilled with the bread and butter which they were continuously bringing. The butter was from a small family farm whose aroma was spectacular and the bread was baked fresh at the restaurant and was simply divine…

I don’t even know how to begin talking about the dishes! Almost all of them were full of vegetables apart from 2 that were with seafood and 1 with meat.

I think my favorite dishes were…  vegetable ravioli with in a Jerusalem artichoke consommé, pumpkin soup, beetroot tartar with horseradish, fresh garlic soup with truffles and an amazing vegetable couscous with a beetroot harissa sausage!

The chef came out to meet us at the end and we sat and spoke about the wonderful work that he does…

It was an enchanting experience..

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