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June 7, 2016
Kitchen Lab volunteers at the Caritas Athens Refugee Program

Last Monday, my whole Kitchen Lab team and myself, visited the lively building at 52 Kapodistriou st. near Vathis square in Athens. We left our kitchen so we could offer some assistance to Mrs. Tamta, the cook at Caritas Athens soup kitchen. She and the rest of the volunteers serve over 600 food rations daily to refugees, immigrants, homeless and generally to all that are in need of help.



We absolutely had to work with this particular soup kitchen and with the “Boroume” (“We Can”) team; a nonprofit, non-governmental organization whose only goal is to organize the distribution of surplus food for charity throughout Greece. It’s not the first time we have collaborated in some way with the wonderful team of volunteers of “Boroume”.


Volunteering is a generous act….. where someone’s personal need to offer meets someone else’s need to offer… So whether we know each other or not…. we all work together for a common cause… freely offering our help or services!


Many people will say… volunteering is a trend. All I have to say is that it is wonderful to see people coming together and combining their resources to help those who are in need.


We immediately went to work in the soup kitchen which is on the second floor. I must admit… everything was in perfect order in the soup kitchen. The volunteers have worked very hard to make sure that everything is done on time, well organized and with incredible speed! Each person has a specific duty….. one cooks, the other washes the pots, another serves, someone else gives out water…. The whole building in general is full of volunteers  that are busy, coming and going…. getting things done! And if I judge from how many people in need show up, there is a great need for helping hands!



The Kitchen Lab team and myself took on all posts!


At the same time we had a sweet surprise, not only for the young people but for the older ones too! My cookies! I was told that sweets are offered… when available… So we loaded up as many cookies as we could, to make this particular day even sweeter for everyone!


The Caritas Athens does not only have a soup kitchen that offers food. There are 5 floors which are busy offering clothing and basic goods, social and psychological support, especially for families.


This day was so emotionally full…. joy and tears… feelings and experiences that will never be forgotten. Something that was so “little” and easy for us to offer…. was so “big” and meaningful for some of our fellow human beings. It was so fulfilling and an honor for us to take part in this…. to make even a small difference in someone’s life.




We ended this special day with a promise…. That Kitchen Lab will always offer its help and assistance to those in need…. because life only becomes truly of value through offering.. from one human being to another.




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