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June 22, 2017
My New Magazine!

Do you like cooking? I have some super recipes for you! Do you know how to cook? If you don’t I have some super quick and easy recipes to help you get it right! Simple every day recipes, summer recipes and some that may be a little more difficult but that can be done with a little effort.. Above ALL each and every recipe I prepare for you is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!

Friday, the 23rd of June will finally the day you have all been waiting for! A rendezvous at all of the kiosks of Greece. The password is “Akis Petretzikis!!” As soon as you say the “word” my magazine will be put into your hands and it will be full of mouthwatering recipes and endless ideas to help you make anything from breakfast to lunch to dinner to snacks to desserts and everything in between. This month will be full of summer recipes but each issue will be full of the proper recipes according to the season!

Let me tell you a little bit about this issue! What is it that you will find as you flip through the pages of my magazine? 50 wonderful savory and sweet recipes (appetizers, main dishes and desserts) written in a simple, comprehensive way that makes them easy to cook! You will also find tons of ideas that don’t just stop “in the kitchen” but carry on outside of it also… Here’s what I mean…

  • Healthy suggestions for quick snacks while you are both in the house and out the house! Won’t you want to have something healthy to snack on while you are at the beach?
  • Smart, delicious ideas that will help invite the kids in the kitchen to cook with you!
  • Dishes with a Greek aroma that will allow you to “travel” to some of the most beautiful Greek islands!
  • All you need to know about BBQ-ing and grilling to perfection!
  • Original translucent sweets to enjoy afterwards! ;-)
  • Summer pasta and many more recipes for family or friendly gatherings.

If you think that all the surprises I have planned for you end here… you are very mistaken!! Within the pages of this special and different magazine you will get to know some of the most impressive spots in Athens – ideally for those of you who love food but also for those of you who like to find smart ideas to organize your kitchen. You will even start speaking in a more “tasty” manner! Slowly you will start to decrypt all the words you may not know in the culinary world. You will get all excited when you find recipes for dishes that can be made in just 15 minutes and only need one pan to make! This is a FACT and I will show you exactly HOW it can be done!!!

Like I said, this is only the beginning! The best part of summer is just beginning! I’d like to know which flavors you find hiding in the pages of my magazine are the ones you want to enjoy this summer? Which ones are your favorites? Which recipes do you want to cook over and over and over again?

I’m waiting for all of your comments, pictures and also your own recipes (as you will see on page 32) that can be used to the fullest and become well known to everyone! Always remember that food becomes even more delicious when you share…

Isn’t that right? ;-)


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