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April 13, 2017
The Easter Table

So! The biggest Christian celebration is here… Easter!!

On Easter Day everyone sets a large table and of course you want this table to be plentiful and beautiful. Since this winter was quite heavy and long, I would like to brighten this day and add a wonderful spring feeling to it. I would suggest that the festive meal be light, simple, bright and beautiful… Just like the table setting!

Apart from the variety of foods added, everything that will be placed on this table should be pretty and carefully chosen and more special than usual… I was thinking that since it’s spring you should decorate the table with a lot of fresh flowers… Put them in vases or even in glasses placed in front of every plate! I thought of a wonderful way for you to decorate your table with bunny napkins!!

Follow the steps in the pictures to make them!! 

Of course you will also dye your eggs on Holy Thursday and you can add them to your festive table. But, apart from Red Dyed Easter Eggs which you can make with patterns on them or not, you could also use natural dyes to dye your eggs as I do here. This year I have another 2 ways to show you that are quite unique and will really make a difference!

The first way is to make your eggs more pale in color. You can then decorate them with a little gold that will add a pretty note to your egg basket. Try using edible gold! Check this to learn how to make them..

The second way is a little more special. The end result is quite psychedelic and the way they are dyed is quite unique. Food coloring is used again but here you spread it on shaving cream! I know you think I’m crazy most of the time and I know I’m crazy but watch this great way to dye eggs and I’m sure you’ll love it! Easter eggs with shaving cream!

Now for tons of Easter Cookies…

Easter Cookies

Two Toned Cookies

Cookies for Kids

But… this year I took the cookies a step further and made them look like bunnies. Make these Easter Bunny Cookies for your kids! I don’t mean that you should make all of them like this but you can make a few and give them away as presents to your friends.

And of course after the hugely successful Sweet Bread with White Chocolate and Chestnuts I thought I’d show you some more of my sweet breads I think you’ll love!

Coffee Sweet Bread

Sweet Mahlab Bread - Tsoureki

Olive Oil Sweet Bread

Cherrry Sweet Bread

Tahini Sweet Bread

Chocolate and Walnut Filled Sweet Bread

Halvah Filled Sweet Bread

Chocolate Chip Sweet Mahlab Bread

and a Savory Sweet Bread with Cheese and Bacon!

Sweet Bread French Toast Sandwich..

The best way to use up any leftover sweet bread!!

And apart from all the sweet breads I made a great Holiday Bread Wreath and a quick baked Banana Puffs.

Since you guys asked me to make a proper Greek Easter Soup - Magiritsa, I made it for you!

I also made a baked Kokoretsi - Greek Easter Grill!! For those who have never tried this I know it may seem a little strange or foreign to you but try it and you will be amazed at how delicious it is! 

Lamb on the spit was not on my list this year… maybe next year… But I did make some delicious Wine Braised Lamb with Artichokes in a Clay Pot. It’s one of my favorites! A deliciously amazing spring dish! Please try it!

I started off with flowers on the table and I think I’ll end with flowers in the food!! I prepared a beautiful tart with a cream aromatized with flowers. This time I’ve used a humble little flower with an amazing aroma… the chamomile flower. It has a soft and lovely flavor that will delight you! Try my Chamomile Cream Tart!

But that’s not all! Take a look at some traditional tastes for these Holy days and lots more of my Easter recipes that will inspire you to make your own!

I hope you liked all of my recipes and I really hope you make them and enjoy them to the fullest!

The most important thing during the holidays is to enjoy them with your friends and loved ones. Find the time to bake some cookies together… or how about you get together with your friends and bake up a storm while gossiping or telling jokes!! Try it and I’m sure you’ll have a great time!!

Have a great Holiday!!!

Happy Easter!



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