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October 8, 2014
Savory gluten-free tart shell

I’ve got great news for you today!

I love tarts and I know that you love them too..

It’s a versatile dish that everyone loves. It allows you to be very creative since you can use any and every type of ingredient that you have available, to make a delicious and interesting meal.

Gluten-intolerant individuals have to steer clear of tarts, since the tart shell always contains flour and it’s very difficult to avoid using it. Those of you who may dream of biting into a delicious tart slice… can now actually go ahead and do it!!

I tried to come up with a savory gluten-free tart shell. I tried doing this with many different ingredients and a variety of techniques. Rice is one of the ingredients I tried using; but even though I tried making it as sticky as possible, it was never sticky enough and it was very difficult to make it all come together as I wanted. I finally found the perfect “glue” and was able to create a tart shell that you should definitely always have on hand!!

This recipe is truly so delicious and different to anything you may have tried so far. So even those of you who have no problem with gluten should give it a try!

Find the recipe here and try it!!!!!

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