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October 20, 2017
We're on the Air!

I’ve just stepped away from a shooting we are doing here at Kitchen Lab to write to you! It’s for my new show which will be aired every Saturday and Sunday from 16.45 to 17.45 on SKY channel. What’s it called? Kitchen Lab - the name of my cooking “laboratory” which is a point of reference for all I have done and continue to do. I can’t tell you how excited I am, for many different reasons…

First of all, I’m going back to my…. t.v. kitchen, after quite some time and the truth is that I’m really in the mood and have lots of new ideas to share with you! Secondly, I’m sneaking back into your home! We’ve been in touch through my site  and on my show on You Tube of course… But it’s different to have our weekly, afternoon “date” and cook together… If you also add the fact that this time, you can share all of your cooking questions with me at #ask Akis, then you will understand that this is a super show which will soon become your favorite pass time…

It’s a cooking show that I will be sharing your favorite flavors with you, while you can send me all of your questions over the following social media, which I will answer in the next shows! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and You Tube !

Best of all though, is that this time I will be right here at Kitchen Lab. This familiar, much loved space, which has become my second home… A renovated space that has kept all of the warmth one finds in a kitchen at home. The only thing left is to fill it up with aromas and flavors, which believe me… has already begun!!!

So it’s a date! Saturday, October 21st at 16.45 at Kitchen Lab! The first episode is all ready and I’m sure it will be a wonderful… appetizer…!!!

Waiting to see you all!



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