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October 5, 2017
My new favorite hot spot!

«They say that super foods wake up your metabolism, so along with my Super Food Salad, I’ll get a Spicy Chicken Burger and Burger AP French Fries! I don’t want to wake up my metabolism for nothing!!...», said the guy at the counter as he winked!

The stories never end here at Burger AP… I can share so many things that take place around one of the tables, at the counter, inside and outside of the restaurant. It’s crazy to see how slow or how… fast someone can eat a burger! Oh and what a burger!! Made exactly as it should be so that each bite is full of all the layers of deliciousness! The perfect amount of layers so that you can bite into it and enjoy it as a whole!

A soft, fluffy bun made with beer that can fill you up but not make you too full.. well depending on how many burgers you eat… Imaginative sauces that “connect” all of the ingredients with one another, creating unique combinations of flavors that you want to enjoy again and again. This is Burger AP! A place full of street but homey flavors where burgers are taken to a whole new level – along with all of the endless side dishes like fries and salads  but also the desserts made fresh daily that help complete each meal perfectly.

We don’t take reservations but we have reserved all of our best burger recipes exclusively for all of our Burger AP friends. The burger patty and the chicken are definitely the stars of the show but there are also some more alternative, “underground” flavors that you may not know and that will really take a new look at burgers! Great side dishes like Roast Corn with Beurre Noisette, truffle oil and parmesan…. (you really can’t imagine the amazing taste… you have to try it! Crunchy papadums with meat, Cheddar cheese and a wonderful spice mix that are superb! Onion rings and the most delicious, super crunchy mix of fries and sweet potato fries that you could have imagined! Fresh super salads too! The tastiest Caesar Salad and our Super Food Salad made with quinoa, lentils, avocado, cranberries and nuts with a wonderful Lime Dressing.

Then DESSERTS!! Crunchy sweet potatoes with cinnamon and sugar, Banana ice cream with cookies and caramel, Praline ice cream with Chocolate sauce and shredded waffle… And of course something lighter… Yogurt ice cream with granola and honey!

This is my new favorite hot spot and I’m sure it will become yours too! ;-)

Hope to see you there! I’ll be waiting for you!


* Burger AP is open Monday through Sunday. Weekdays from 17.00 έως τις 24.00 and Weekends from 13.00 με 01.00.




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