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January 19, 2016
Whoopie pies with different fillings!

It is believed that the first Whoopie Pies were made in the 1920’s in the state of Maine, in the United States. It is also said that the Amish were the first to make them when they traveled to Maine and so the first Whoopie Pies became more widely spread.

No matter where they originated, one thing is agreed upon by everyone… they are absolutely delicious! 

How did they get this quite original name, which sticks in your mind? An old Amish legend says that when the children would find Whoopie Pies in their lunchboxes and eat them they would be so ecstatic that they would shout out…”Whoopie!!!” And that’s how they got their name!


They are not pies! They are made up of 2 small chocolate cakes with a cream filling and are more like soft sandwich cookies.


There are also a lot of variations! Instead of chocolate cakes, they can be made with pumpkin or gingerbread cakes and the filling can also vary! I chose to show you how to make my personal favorites!


I’m going to make the cakes with chocolate, since it is one of my most favorite ingredients and give you an assortment of different fillings.



The most common flavor for the filling is vanilla and they are the classic Whoopie Pies that we all know and love. Try them with a glass of milk which suits them perfectly.

For those of you who love lemons, you can make these chocolate cookies and give them a lemon cream filling!

If you are a chocolate lover like me and you enjoy a rich chocolate filling between the two chocolate cookies, opt for the chocolate filling. You will not be disappointed!

A different type of filling is a very interesting filling and a little spicy! This cinnamon filling will drive you wild! 

And as usual, I’ve left something special for last, that will remind you of winter holidays is a mint and chocolate ganache filling!



The truth is that whichever filling you choose, one thing is certain… EVERYONE will love them! You can make them for children’s parties and give them all kinds of different fillings! Don’t be surprised when they taste them and shout out… “Whoopie!!!!!”







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