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May 12, 2015
It's time for cheesecake!


One of the tastiest and probably the most iconic dessert of all… A beautifully baked cheesecake with a golden crust, red fruit on top, with juices drizzling all over is enough to make everyone salivate..

A dessert that exists in almost every country in the world with different and local ingredients. You can find it in Asia, all across Europe, South Africa, USA… Some times baked, other times not. In some cases many eggs are used and other times, no eggs at all.

Generally speaking, during the spring months of the years past, when there was a surplus of milk and it was difficult to keep it for a long time as there were no fridges and the pasteurization of milk was not even invented yet, they used the milk to make cheese or other products that were less perishable.

Savoury and sweet dishes with milk or cheese were very common in those days. The first form of Cheesecake is said to be made in ancient Greece. Some desserts that were made by our ancestors called “placenta” were made with milk and cheese and are thought to be the first Cheesecakes. Of course they did not have the same form as the modern ones but even the Roman Caton in his book “De agri coltura” describes an ancient greek dessert that looks like a cheesecake.

Since then, this dessert has gone through many changes, both in form as well as taste, to end up like the American type Cheesecake that we all know and love. 

Because this dessert contains a lot of cheese which is usually quite fatty, and when combined with the sugar, jam etc. it makes it a bomb full of calories! This makes it hard for us to enjoy it as often as we would like. 

I have made many attempts to prepare a dessert that is both tasty and did not make me feel guilty every time i had a slice. I tried using low fat cheese, tried various low fat natural Greek cheeses, like anthotiro or Mizithra, but I never managed to get the perfect taste or texture i was looking for.  Because in my opinion, the texture of the dessert is as equally important as the taste.

Finally, one day i got this crazy idea…. Could you make a cheesecake without any cheese at all? Could you replace the cheese with yogurt? Would that even be possible? A spur of the moment epiphany for sure!

I had some yogurt in the fridge that was nearing its expiration date, so i thought to give it a try… All along being very skeptical about it all. And then, look at what came out of the oven!!!! 



One of the lightest and tastiest cheesecakes you have ever tried! 

And since it is made with Greek yogurt I thought of using honey instead of jam as a topping. Also, since the honey was from thyme flowers, I chopped up some fresh thyme leaves to garnish the dessert, along with some walnuts.




Please give this dessert a try! You will surely love it!!!!


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