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September 22, 2017
There are some shows that really allow you to travel...

As you all know I really love to travel… both in and out of Greece. I watch all of the travel shows and even if there are some I can’t see, I know about them. This way, since I can’t travel often because of work, I can come back home after Burger AP and relax while watching a good travel show…. and travel there in my dreams!

One of my favorites is an older travel show called No Reservations with Antony Bourdain. The fact that he is both a chef and a traveler made it even more interesting for me! There is a new travel show which has really caught my eye! This is none other than  The Voyager which is aired on the American channel NBC. This show is not played in Greece, unfortunately but I was able to watch it while I was visiting the states for a while.

Your guide on each voyage is a young American named Josh who travels the whole world by boat. He is basically on a cruise all over the world and at each port he stops at he tries to find something different and unique instead of simply going to the usual touristy places.

Imagine my surprise when we received an e-mail at my office from a production company that wanted our help because Voyager was coming to Greece and wanted to do a shooting in Athens..! They basically asked us if we could organize a cooking day with Josh that would be on a farm. I would also have to show him how to make some quick Greek dishes! They asked me to make a moussaka in 15 minutes :-) and of course my answer was “Guys! I can’t make a moussaka in 15 minutes even if I was superman!” In the end we agreed that I would make a nice Greek salad along with three tasty dips (spicy cheese dip, tzatziki and an eggplant dip which in Greek are tirokafteri, tzatziki and melitzanosalata).

We shot all of this last Sunday on a beautiful farm a little out of Athens. The truth is that I really wanted to see how a foreign film crew worked, what equipment they have, how many people are needed etc. I am interested in all of this for my own shows… Above all though, I really wanted to get to meet Josh!

I must say that it was a really great experience. Even though I was really tired from work on Saturday (because I got home really late at night), the energy at the shooting really relaxed me and I enjoyed it thoroughly! I also really liked the farm we stayed at… A farm where each person can rent a small piece of land and cultivate it with their own fruits and vegetables!

They had a wonderful wood fired oven that we used to roast our freshly picked eggplants. Filming took 5 hours. I was able to take a break and learn all sorts of interesting things.

The production team has been travelling the world for 2 years now! They came to Greece straight from Portugal, which was their previous stop. Unfortunately, as they told me, they don’t have enough time between shootings to get back home but many times their families come to visit them wherever they happen to be travelling to! I don’t know if I could do something like that… Of course in this way they have been able to travel all over the world!

When I got back home, apart from feeling relaxed and having learnt so many new things, I also brought back many pictures which we took during the shoot and lots of great memories. They promised me that they would send me the episode as soon as it comes out of editing. For the time being I can share some more pictures with you so you can get a feel of what a wonderful day I had :-)

Let’s begin….

Are you wondering what I did with these fresh, ripe, red, juicy tomatoes?

A superb Greek salad – Horiatiki.. which brought us all even closer together! Yes, it was the exact dish you want to make in order to share it with friends, or people you want to become friends with!  

Whether served alone or in a salad… Greek feta cheese is the BOMB! :-)

With me were my two favorite friends and co-workers! Mary Rose and Zoe! Of course Gianni was with us but he is nowhere to be found in these beautiful pictures since he was the one taking them!

We made all sorts of wonderful new friends on this day… among them was also this special little dog who ate to his heart’s content!!  ;-)

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