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November 11, 2014
High Tech visits Kitchen Lab

Once again, LG chose our space, to present their Curved OLED and UHD TV’s. This presentation was for the reporters.

Kitchen Lab flung its doors open wide, welcoming LG and their lovely presentation of their new line of TV’s for Greece. This new line offers the best viewing experience and colors that are more alive and more amazing than ever!

I added my own touch to the festivities. I wanted to make sure the guests time spent in the Kitchen Lab, was as pleasurable in taste and smell, as it was with sight and sound! So, I prepared an assortment of sweet and savory delicacies!

The LG team did a wonderful job in presenting, explaining and answering all of our questions, for all the new technological breakthroughs. It was truly an enlightening experience!

I look forward to welcoming them again. It’s not only a pleasure having them in my space, it also gives me the chance to find out all of the latest high tech news… first!!!


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